5 FAB Last Minute Hints to Drop to Him for Valentine’s Day

5 FAB Last Minute Hints to Drop to Him for Valentine’s Day

If you’re feeling that your significant other needs a little help with some last minute gift hints for Valentine’s Day, yet you’re tired of the same ‘ol gifts year after year, then you’re going to love the ideas we have shared today on The Lash Lounge Blog! Simply share this list with him and let him get you something you’ll REALLY enjoy!

1. Spa Day: Notice we said DAY.  Not just a massage, or facial . . .  a full day of being pampered.  Many local spas and hotels offer this and also include a lovely lunch in between your services. What woman wouldn’t loooove that?

spa day

2. Week/Month Clubs: If you are a wine lover, chocolate lover, fresh flower addict (or anything, really) tell him to sign you up to a weekly or monthly club. There are number of amazing sites that will send you your favorite indulgence each week or month. From jewelry, eats and treats, clothing, candles and more, it’s always fun to come home and find a package waiting at your door. We love our fresh flowers and The Bouqs is one of our favorite companies that offers weekly deliveries. Some other favorites include Stitch Fix (ladies, this is also a great gift idea for him . . . if he’s needing help in the fashion department),  Chocomize (a super cool chocolate of the month club), and then Clubs Galore, which  offers a number of pleasures that can be delivered monthly but also switched up so that you’re not receiving that same thing month after month – how genius is that?!?

stitch fix at door

3. Lashes & Brows: Whether she is a busy mom or working woman on the go, women today are constantly trying to juggle it all. Effortless beauty is a gift that will not only save precious time, but it will also give you beautiful lashes and/or brows. And it gets better . . .  much needed time to relax during the service is a big part as to why this is the perfect gift.  You will feel rested, relaxed, beautiful and confident after every appointment. How many gifts are out there that offer all that? Not many! Which is why a lash package at The Lash Lounge is the perfect gift to mention to him! A number of packages await at a Lash Lounge near you! Click here to find a salon in your area.


4. Blowouts: Hinting a membership at the Drybar will continue to let you feel pampered and also save you time. There are a number of membership options including two blowouts a month (plus a free b-day blowout,  exclusive discounts and more. Hint to him that beautiful, easy hair is a heartfelt gift idea that will make you oh so happy! Click here for more info on the Drybar and to find a location near you.

dry bar

5. Dinner To Your Door: Now this gift is one that will make you both happy. Have him gift you dinners to your door by signing you up for weekly dinner deliveries. This will make life so much easier, allow you to eat delicious (and healthy) meals, save time grocery shopping and meal planning, and also free up more time for doing things you love. Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated  are just a few of the wonderful meal delivery services that are popular right now. Some can be delivered and ready to heat up and serve, while others send you fresh ingredients along with the recipes so you can cook your family a fabulous meal. Click here for a list and helpful reviews on some of the hottest meal delivery services out there right now.