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The Magic of Memberships: Your Look, Your Choice

Drum roll, please…brand-new Lash Lounge memberships are here! Keep your lash line full, savings in your pocket and a fearless, fresh appearance with 3 new custom options, built to match your lash look!


Did you know that most people shed 20% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks? If you have lash extensions, this means that when your natural lashes fall out, the lash extensions attached to them will fall out with them. Over the course of 10 weeks, your lashes will complete their full shedding cycle; in other words, you’ll be back with an empty slate of extension-less lashes.

To keep your lashes “always on,” it’s essential to come into a Lash Lounge near you for regular biweekly refills. If you don’t, as your natural lashes shed, you’ll be left with a spotty lash line; gaps will start to appear between your natural lashes with extensions and those without.

Visit your stylist once every 2 weeks to keep your lashes looking flawless—as good as the day you got them! A Lash Lounge membership makes it a breeze!

All memberships include:

  • Members-only discounted pricing on 2 refills per month with a stylist
  • 10% off additional services, add-ons and upgrades
  • 10% off all products

Memberships Mean Maintenance

Life. It’s one heck of a ride. It keeps you SO busy. Sometimes, it feels like it’s impossible to fit one more thing in.

But, at The Lash Lounge, lash upkeep is easy-peasy since our memberships fit your budget and your schedule!

With membership, get those appointments locked in every 2 weeks. You’ll prioritize that much deserved “me time” in between the rest of the to-dos on your trusted calendar. You’ll stay looking and feeling your best and, when life gets stressful, you will have that regular relaxation to look forward to!


We are not a “one size fits all” lash salon. No guest is alike, so there’s no reason your lashes should be either! That’s why, when we developed these memberships, we built them with you in mind. You can choose the membership that best matches your lash look!

3 Membership Options

We have 3 different memberships to choose from. Each has the same benefits but is built to maintain your chosen lash look by application method:

Classic Membership:

This membership option is just like its name: classic! If you love classic lashes, at every refill, we’ll perfect your vibrant, natural lash look by attaching 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash using our classic application method. The result? A custom look that will never go out of style!

Hybrid Membership:

We love a dynamic duo here at The Lash Lounge. That’s just what the Hybrid membership is all about. If you love hybrid lashes, at every refill, we’ll give you the perfect blend of texture and fluffy fullness by combining our classic and volume application methods to complete your lash look.

Volume Membership:

For this fab, final membership option, at every refill, we’ll use the volume application method; we’ll attach a custom, handmade fan of 2+ eyelash extensions to your natural lash to give you a full, voluminous lash look.

The Breakdown: Membership Benefits

Now that we’ve got a good handle on the 3 Lash Lounge membership options, let’s dig into the benefits:

2 Monthly Lash Refills at Members-Only Low Prices!

Keeping up with refills will be easier than ever with the 2 refills per month included in your membership. That means you’ll never have to fret about trying to squeeze in that last-minute refill appointment and your lash line will stay full and picture-perfect all. the. time.
Plus, as a valued member, you’ll save at least $20 per month off the refill rack rate!

Silk or Mink: Choosing Your Lash Type

Made out of a premium synthetic material, our lash types provide a natural feel that will give you a safe, long-lasting look for your eyelashes. You can work with your stylist to determine which type is best for you and choose silk or mink. Silk will give you a semi-matte satin finish which provides a vivid appearance and mink offers a semi-gloss look which gives a fluffed and feathery look. Just see the examples!  And when you’re a member, you get to select one of these beautiful options at no additional charge. Just another membership perk we love!

A Discount on Products and Services

Products are an important part of any beauty routine—especially the ones for your lashes. From lash extension-friendly cleansers to makeup removers, mascaras, sealants and more, you will enjoy 10% off of all products and all additional services, add-ons and upgrades!

Lash Extensions Near Me

Are you ready to maintain that voluptuous lash look you love? Find a Lash Lounge near you and become a member! It will make your life easier and your lash line fuller. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Tips & Tricks

3 Beauty Routine Hacks to Keep Your Lash Extensions…

Lash extensions—they’re a way of life! To keep them fuller, longer, we all know a Lash Lounge membership is a must-have. But, in between appointments, what can you do to keep them in tip-top shape?

Aside from keeping them clean and keeping up with those routine refill appointments, there are some simple things you can do to keep that lash line full, healthy and retained. Sure, you may have to train yourself a bit to change your ways, but it’s a new year. What better time to make a change?

We sat down with our corporate stylist trainer, Shelley, to serve up a whole new batch of lash care wisdom:

1. Rubbing and Itching: Proper Method with Lash Extensions

Do you find yourself rubbing your eyes constantly? Or maybe a pesky itch you just have to scratch? Whatever it is, we understand! But with lash extensions, extensive rubbing can cause them to fall off prematurely.

We know you don’t want to lose any of those beloved lashes or that fabulous fullness, so if you must get to that itch, here are a couple simple tricks to try:

  • Refrain from rubbing your full eye and lash line and, instead, slightly rub your eyelid in a soft, circular motion to alleviate that aggravating itch.
  • Grab that handy lash wand and give your lashes a gentle brush until the itch is gone.

2. Heat: Avoiding a “Hot Mess” Mishap

Little-known fact: heat + lash extensions = bad news. Always pay attention to how close you’re getting your lash extensions (and yes, even your natural lashes) to any kind of heat source. Your lashes can get singed, end up looking clumpy and misshapen and the high heat can even cause your synthetic eyelash extensions to melt—yikes!

What immediately comes to mind? You got it: the hairdryer.

We get it; blow-drying is a must for most of our guests. If you swear by a good blowout, implementing the following two things each time will keep your lashes heat- and harm-free:

  • Put the dryer on a low heat setting. Yes, we know it might take a little longer, but it will be better for your lashes and even your hair, too!
  • Flip your head upside-down and dry. This will keep the heat that’s blowing directly onto your face and eyes to a minimum.

3. Moisturizing: Acing the Application

We are all about skincare here at The Lash Lounge; we love being good to our skin as much as we adore our lashes! However, we know that many moisturizing creams contain no-no ingredients like oil, which is not safe to apply near the eye area or lash line because it can break down the lash extension adhesive.

If you simply can’t give up that favorite oil- or alcohol-based serum or cream, there are ways to apply them a little differently to steer clear of your beloved lash extensions.

See Shelley briefly showcase her own moisturizing routine and demonstrate where and how she places her favorite skincare products.

Need a little recap?

  • Be strategic about where you place creams and moisturizers; do not messily rub all over your face and eyes.
  • Gently apply and rub into certain areas, even under the eye. Just be sure to avoid the eyelid entirely since the product can make its way down to your lash line, breaking the bond of the lash adhesive and the extension.

Studies have shown that two weeks of repetitive actions can turn into a habit. So, try tackling that itch differently, change up your blow-drying routine or implement this new moisturizing method for two weeks straight. You’ll have a new-and-improved routine in no time!

Love what you’ve learned here? Be sure to tune in to Instagram stories next week for #TrainingTakeoverTuesday, where our training team will continue sharing tips, tricks and all things Lash Lounge!


New Year, New Milestone: Celebrating Our 100th Salon

We’re taking on the new year with new, even bigger, dreams now that we’ve celebrated our 100th salon opening. That’s right: ONE HUNDRED!

It was a lot of hard work, but definitely no miracle getting here; it was the result of a pledge to serve YOU and your lash transformations. Your humbling loyalty, cheers and support have paved the way for this epic moment. So, please, raise your glasses and celebrate with us!


Each and every Lash Lounge salon took part in helping us reach this magical milestone. The lucky 100th justhappened to be The Lash Lounge New Orleans – Mid City. And their grand opening celebration didn’t disappoint! What a party to celebrate 1-0-0!

Hours before the event, owners Jamie Larson and Jeremie Ertle were ready. The salon was draped and dazzled in vibrant Lash Lounge colors. Invites were out, gift bags staged, tables of food beautifully arranged, while a jazz trio sang out classic New Orleans tunes. When guests arrived, there were smiles for miles!

The true “winning” moment was when the NFL’s record-setting New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, stopped by to surprise and congratulate Jamie and Jeremie. Drew is a partner and board member at Franworth, a franchise-focused growth equity firm and partner of The Lash Lounge.


Also there to celebrate the momentous milestone for The Lash Lounge franchise were founder and CIO, Anna Phillips, and CEO, Meg Roberts. Both have a great passion and unbreakable commitment to the services each salon provides, each and every guest, team member and, of course, our FANTASTIC franchisees.

A Passion (Business) Project

Almost 15 years ago, our founder and trailblazer, Anna Phillips, opened the first Lash Lounge. She had a passion for lashes and their beautiful ability to simplify her guests’ daily beauty routines and make them feel like the most confident versions of themselves. That very passion has guided and guarded The Lash Lounge’s purpose as we’ve grown.

More than 10 years, 100 salons, 90,000 guests, 10,000 members and hundreds of expert stylists, franchisees and salon teams later, her passion and vision remain the lifeblood of our organization.

A Continued Commitment to Lashes, Our Craft and Our Guests

Like Anna, as we grow, CEO Meg Roberts shares a continued commitment to lash art, craft and YOU!

At the end of the day, we care. We’ve got the safe and sanitary lash products and services you crave. And we’ve got specialized stylists who will continue to work with you to create the customized lash looks you can’t wait to take to the town!

We know it’s not just our lux lashes you fall for; it’s the whole package—our luxury, salon experience, too. From the moment you walk through the door until the moment you leave, YOU will continue to be the center of our lash-loving world!


Our growth has been truly “eye-opening”! As we expand our family of committed salon owners, stylists, members and guests alike, we’d love for you to join us!

Want to learn about The Lash Lounge’s revolutionary franchise concept? We’re considering franchisees across the country!

See why it’s the perfect time to jump on board and see the world through beautiful, successful new eyes—your OWN!


Tips & Tricks

Prioritizing Self-Care for YOU (and Your Lashes) in 2020

As we prepare to say so long to 2019 and start a fresh new year, don’t let you or your lashes go by the wayside. Here are some things to try on for size so you can prioritize self-care, feel on top of the world and be ready to tackle anything and everything 2020 may bring!


It’s easy to start the new year with new goals, but are YOU one of them? Take the plunge right out of the gate. Try one of the many things you have filed away under “one day” today!

  • Get that cute, maintenance-free haircut you’ve stewed over in 2019.
  • Sign up for that fresh meal delivery service to make dinner prep easier. (Sure, it may be a bit pricey, but sometimes splurging on something that makes life a little easier is SO worth it!)
  • Show up for that yoga class your friend is always inviting you to.
  • Make that appointment at The Lash Lounge for a flawless full set of lash extensions you’ve seen all of your friends rock this year.

You will be in awe when you notice how empowered you feel when you finally take a chance on YOU!


At times, all we need for a refreshing boost is to change things up a bit. Whether personally or professionally, edit your routine to get a new lease on life in 2020.

Change Up the Usual

It may sound silly, but even the smallest change can give you leave you exhilarated!

  • Calling all coffee lovers! Treat yourself to that $5 cup of joe once a week instead of the stale office coffee you endure each day. That work to-do list just might get tackled a little faster thanks to that better caffeine boost!
  • Take another route to work that’s perhaps a bit more scenic and visually inspiring as you start your day. It’s incredible how much a change of scenery can make you feel rejuvenated!
  • Toss in the towel when it comes to those boring or worn-out wardrobe staples and take advantage of New Year’s Day deals and steals. (It’ll be time to put those gift cards you’ve rack up over the holidays to good use!) Purchase some fresh threads that’ll give your look and overall confidence a much-needed makeover!

Say Goodbye to The Basic Beauty Grind

If you’re tired of that time-sucking, step-by-step beauty routine without stellar results, it’s time to prioritize a new lease on your beauty life and practice some self-care. The best way to do that is to transform your lashes!

Lash Extensions

From classic to volume to hybrid, we have a variety of customizable application methods and lash looks for anyone and everyone! Each option will create a new look that’s all your own.

The best part? The need to wear a full face of makeup will be totally optional since those new lux lashes will give your eyes a pretty pop that will completely refresh your look. You’ll also swoon over the time you will save since your daily makeup routine will be at a minimum.

Lash Lift

If you’re ready to toss that uncomfortable curling tool in the trash and give your flat or straight lashes a new and improved look, then you’re ready for a life-changing lash lift! Alongside your stylist, you’ll determine whether you’d like a gradual or strong curl—we can do both!

You’ll love that a lash lift lasts MUCH longer than swipes of mascara or a squeeze from that pesky curling tool. We’re talking 6 to 8 weeks longer! Hooray for another simplified beauty routine option, plus an updated look to love!

Lash Tint

From selecting the best color for your lashes to suggesting a shade that complements both your skin tone and natural lovely locks, our trained stylists will help you customize a lash tint service. The combination of the application itself and the expertise of your stylist will offer you riveting eyelash tinting results.

Lash Services Near Me?

So, are you finally ready to turn some heads in 2020 and enjoy that new streamlined beauty routine? Conveniently select a salon near you, schedule an appointment online and be on your way to your new and improved life…or should we say “lash life”?


To be truly be kind to yourself, it’s so important to reflect on how you spend your time—and who you spend it with. Is it what matters most?

  • Do you find yourself missing out on those book club nights with the girls ’cause life just seems too busy? What can you do to make it happen? Have the fam order pizza? Delegate the homework duties to your other half? Whatever it is, there’s almost always a way to make things work.
  • Will it kill you if you push the laundry a day and instead go to The Lash Lounge to get your lashes and brows done? You can’t undervalue a lash nap!

You will feel even more productive and rejuvenated if you give yourself time, well, to yourself. Sure, the laundry will still be there, but your body, mind and soul will be better equipped to tackle the task!

We make a lot of priorities as we step into a new year. This year, it’s time for #1 on that list to be YOU!


A Real Lash Lounge Superhero, Featuring Julia

As we get ready to say so long to 2019 and hello to the new year, one thing is certain: It was an honor to work with the incredible women from our “Lash Look” photoshoot this year! And it didn’t stop there; thanks to this series, we get a front-row seat to how they’re putting their new lash looks to work as they get even more comfortable with the strong, independent women they truly are.

Help us round out the year with one last spotlight on our lovely model Julia, who received a lash lift and tint…plus a new dash of confidence!


As a working mom with a full schedule and passion for bringing joy to others, Julia is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Prior to answering our “Lash Look” model call, Julia had never had a lash or brow service done before—which was a shame because she always had this nagging feeling her eyes looked invisible under her glasses.
She hated it, but since her daughter was getting ready to start kindergarten, it’s not like she had extra time in the morning to spend on makeup.


When she got to the photoshoot, Julia was paired with our fabulous Lash Lounge training manager, Jill. The two spent some time chatting about the look Julia was going for while Jill assessed her natural features and hair color. The dynamic duo of a lash and brow tint plus a lash lift were just the services Julia needed for a timeless low-maintenance transformation.

The tinting of her eyebrows and lashes would give her natural, light-colored hairs that extra pop. For the lift, Julia was looking for a strong, tight curl to give her that refreshing, effortless oomph without the hassle of using a lash curler or mounds of mascara.


Once the tinting and lift applications were complete, it was time for Jill to hand the mirror over to Julia so she could see her new look. “I love that it looks natural but enhanced!”


Whether our guests are focused on their families, career or acts of empowering others, we love to hear and tell their stories!

That’s definitely the case for Julia, who works as a volunteer. “I am a princess and superhero character performer for children’s charity events. I volunteer with children who have medical needs or are in disadvantaged situations to bring them happiness!”

Julia’s incredible work keeps her busy; sometimes, with very little notice, she needs to be out the door to head to her rewarding role. Her new lash and brow look saves her so much time. “I feel ready to go even without putting on a full face of makeup!”


And just when we thought we knew the ins and outs of Julia, she went and threw a beautiful curveball at us! “I competed in a natural pageant two weeks after getting my lashes and brows done. The pageant required a ‘fresh natural’ look with nothing fake. My lash tint and lift was perfect! I was confident in my appearance without having to worry about how my eyes would stand out under the stage lights. I won the title for my age division and am now the 2019 Mrs. Texas Choice!”
Wow! Hear, hear to you, Julia!


When the ideas and visions behind this Lash Lounge photoshoot began earlier this year, it was of course our goal to get beautiful photos of our eyelashes and eyebrows. But what was really special was the opportunity to meet our guests and get a front-row seat to their transformations.
We can’t wait to share more inspiring stories and results with you in 2020, so stay tuned for more of the superhero women behind our shoot. Miss the two we already shared? Don’t worry, you can still meet Paroma and Denise on our blog.

Oh—and if you’re ready to jumpstart your own fresh new look for the new year, take a look at our services (which may vary by location) and find a salon near you!