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Eyelash Extensions in Rochester Hills, MI

Flawless Eyelash Extensions That Are Ready To Go When You Are

What’s on your agenda today? Big presentation? Anniversary dinner? Drinks with the girls? Whatever your day holds, face it with confidence with a set of lashes customized truly just for you. We don’t just create show-stopping lashes; we infuse confidence into each lash application so you can get the most out of your look. The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes is the place for long, full eyelash extensions that put your natural beauty on high.

A Look Behind Our Lashes

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, drugstore eyelashes. We use premium synthetic lashes curled to enhance your natural lashes. Medical-grade adhesive safely attaches the synthetic lashes to your natural eyelash. You can be confident in our training and precision application process. The application of eyelash extensions is not only an art form, but a detailed service we take seriously. At The Lash Lounge Rochester Hills – Boulevard Shoppes, we take every precaution to provide you with the best products, services and outcomes so you can enjoy your beautiful eyelashes.

Setting the Stylist Standard

Our stylists are experts in their craft. Before they can practice at The Lash Lounge, they go through an extensive training program to make sure their skills are up to snuff – not just for the state, but for our salon. This includes extensive education, from theory to practice. When it comes to your eyes, we leave nothing to chance. Our stylists have both the skills and the talent to provide you with a strikingly beautiful look designed just for you.


You are your own unique beautiful. That’s why, at every appointment, our stylists will sit down with you to design a custom set of lashes that enhances your natural beauty. This design process is a proprietary technique developed by The Lash Lounge for The Lash Lounge. It is practiced by every stylist across all Lash Lounge salons.

During this consultation process, your stylist will ask you several questions that helps her better understand the lash look you’re after. She’ll then help you select the right lash application method, type and fullness level to get you there. At the same time, she’ll use her extensive knowledge of lash physiology and design to recommend the lash curl, lengths and thicknesses that complement your natural facial features and prioritize the health of your natural lashes.

You can go “classic” for a more natural look or pump up the “volume” for a fuller look. You can even do a combo of both with our “hybrid” application. Keep our standard silk lashes for effortless style or upgrade to luxurious synthetic mink to achieve a lighter, more natural look. At The Lash Lounge, the choice is yours. And choice there is—with so many customizations, there are literally thousands of possible lash looks for all different eye profiles and face shapes!

Custom Looks for Every Face

Our founder, Anna Phillips, is the eyelash industry pioneer. Since launching The Lash Lounge in 2006, she has set the standard for eyelash extension application and care – the same standards passed on to our expert stylists. We are committed to providing safe, professional service for all our guests. Our team is service-oriented and focuses on lasting results, so you can achieve the look you want and feel confident that it will remain in place as you go about your routine. The best lashes of your life are just a visit away.

Easy Beautiful

When you lash up at The Lash Lounge, you’ll be trading in your morning makeup mirror time for things you actually enjoy, like sleep – or coffee! You might even save so much time that you make it to the office before anyone else in the morning. Just two trips into The Lash Lounge per month (check out our membership options!) for eyelash extension refills keeps your eyes looking bright and your morning beauty routine to a minimum. When you head out the door for the day, you’ll do so with the confidence that you’re putting your best face forward. The Lash Lounge is your destination to completely transform your look and take back your day. Book now to schedule some “me time” at The Lash Lounge and walk away with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions or a lash refill. Lash up and lash on, ladies!