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Members enjoy 40% off all serums in March

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As our way to show appreciation to our members this month, please enjoy a 40% off discount on NeuLash and NeuBrow serums this month!



Love your lash extensions even more knowing that your natural lashes are long, and strong with NeuLash Serum!


The Lash Lounge Raleigh ITB Lash and Brow Health neuProfessional neuLash neuBrowHow to use NeuLash Serum:

Apply the product onto your lash line each night consistently until desired results! This product is safe to use when wearing lash extensions, and highly recommended! Be sure to wait at least 24 hours after each lash appointment.


How to use NeuBrow Serum:

This product is excellent for clients that had a poor waxing experience, were a victim of “over-plucking”, or just want fuller brows. Apply product to your brows nightly to help regrow them fuller; consistency is key with serums!


What does this product do, and how are my lashes so long?

NeuProfessional products accelerate the hair cycle and maintain the hair follicles at their adult stage of life for longer. This means your lashes and brows are staying in their stage of the hair cycle that keeps them at the longest length, helping you to see your lashes and brows at their healthiest! You may be wondering why it is recommended to apply the product at night. It is recommended to do so at night, so the product has at least 8 hours to sit on the area and give you the results you are looking for!