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Month: March 2022

Prioritize You

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A woman stands in a comfortable sweater as she sips a glass of water, taking care of her well-being

You Are Your Own Best Investment—How to Invest in Yourself

March 15, 2022
Invest in YOU—Put Yourself First Wondering what’s the best way to consistently evolve into a stronger and more confident version of YOU? 🌟 It’s simple: put yourself first! Whether you’re living in Glen Mills or just visiting, invest in YOU, your growth, happiness, health and personal care.
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closeup of woman with bangs smiling with lash extensions

How to Build Self-Confidence From the Inside Out

March 1, 2022
Building Confidence in YOU Whether you’re a confidence QUEEN 👑 or looking to BOOST your self-love, taking steps to hype yourself up can help you build up your self-image. Work to overcome your self-doubt with these confidence-boosting techniques approved by The Lash Lounge Glen Mills – The Shoppes At Brinton…
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