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Eyelash Extensions in Allen, TX


What’s on your agenda today? Big presentation? Kids’ playdate? Anniversary dinner? Drinks with the girls? Whatever your day holds, face it with confidence with a set of lashes customized truly just for you.  The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek is the place for long, full eyelash extensions that put your natural beauty on high.


You are your own unique beautiful. That’s why, at every appointment, our stylist will sit down with you to design a custom set of lashes that accentuates your natural beauty. Want a bold, show-stopping set? Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more natural? Either way—or anywhere in between—at the beginning of every visit, your Lash Lounge stylist will collaborate with you to design a stunning, custom lash look you can’t wait to show off!

It all happens during your lash consultation. Together with your stylist, you’ll design a custom lash look 100% unique to you!

You can go "classic" for a more natural look or pump up the “volume” for a fuller look. You can even do a combo of both with our "hybrid" application method. At The Lash Lounge, the choice is yours. And choice there is—with so many customizations, there are literally thousands of possible lash looks for all different eye profiles and face shapes!

Here’s How the Lash Design Consultation Works

Step #1

Pick your curl.

  • C Curl: Softest curl for a natural look
  • D Curl: Tightest curl for a dynamic look
  • L+ Curl: Ideal curl for straight or downward lashes for optimal lift
eyelash installation c curl
eyelash installation d curl
eyelash installation l curl

Step #2

Select your lash type.

  • Silk: Bold, like a sweep of mascara with a semi-matte satin finish
  • Mink: Light and feathery with a fine taper and a semi-gloss finish
eyelash installation slik
eyelash installation mink

Step #3

Choose your application method, or how we'll build the foundation of your lash look.


We attach 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash. Great for a vibrant, natural look!


  • Application Method: Classic
  • Lash Level: Extreme
  • Lash Type: Mink


We combine classic and volume lashes across your lash line. Great for the perfect blend of fullness and texture.


  • Application Method: Hybrid
  • Lash Level: Extreme
  • Lash Type: Mink


We attach 1 handmade fan of 2+ lash extensions to your natural eyelash. Great for a full, luscious look!


  • Application Method: Volume
  • Lash Level: Extreme
  • Lash Type: Silk

Step #4

Choose your lash level, or fullness factor. Classic, hybrid and volume each have 3 levels to choose from:

  • Natural: Full
  • Dramatic: Fuller
  • Extreme: Fullest
eyelash installation natural
eyelash installation dramatic
eyelash installation extreme

*Lash levels depicted in the volume application method.

Closing Out the Lash Design Consultation

After you’re all set with the customizable portion of your lash consultation, your stylist will round out your lash design with personalized recommendations for lash lengths, thicknesses and placement that complement your face shape and eye profiles using our exclusive lash design technique.


Our founder, Anna Phillips, is the eyelash industry pioneer. Since launching The Lash Lounge in 2006, she has set the standard for eyelash extension application and care—the same standards passed on to our professional stylists.

Each stylist completes a comprehensive training program to become certified in our exclusive lash design technique developed by The Lash Lounge for The Lash Lounge. Stylists are experts in both art and craft; they harness the technical acumen and lash artistry to create a completely custom lash look for every guest.


After your lash chat, you'll lie back for a little lash nap. (Yes, they're a real thing!). Drape yourself in a cozy blanket, chat with your stylist or disappear into some music or a podcast. The choice is yours! Before you know it, you'll wake up fresh-faced, refreshed and with newfound confidence, ready to present the best version of YOU to the world!


During your service, our professional stylists will use a medical-grade adhesive to attach our eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. Every guest, every time, we are committed to protecting the integrity of your natural lashes; we only make design decisions that preserve and strengthen the health of your natural lashes—no matter what.

At The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek, we prioritize safe, professional, quality service with results that last. We only use exceptional products and provide the best service, so you can lie back, relax, then face the world with confidence.


When you visit The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek, you'll be trading in your morning makeup routine for things you actually enjoy, like sleep—or coffee!

Just two trips into The Lash Lounge per month (check out our membership options!) for eyelash extension refills will keep your eyes bright and your mornings all yours.


The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek is your destination to completely transform your look and take back your day. When you head out the door for the day, you’ll do so with the confidence you’re putting your best face forward.

Book now to schedule some "me time" at The Lash Lounge and walk away with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.