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Seasons Changing: Stock Up on the Essentials


It’s that time of the year! AllerThe Lash Lounge Lash Sheddinggy season 🙁 During allergy season, there is a significant change in the climate and the production of pollen. Not only can this have an effect on your allergies, but your lashes as well. Continue reading to find out how to keep up with your lash lifestyle!


As Spring approaches we see all the beautiful flowers and foliage release the dreaded cloud of pollen. Lash extensions are something that can be temperamental during the change in season because the humidity becomes inconsistent. Our lash stylists have an array of adhesives and lash bonders designed to work best at certain times of the year; in order to counter the inconsistent temperatures, humidity, and other environmental factors – like pollen. 



Lash Care retail line featuring 4 products from The Lash LoungeSo, you may be wondering if there is anything YOU can do at home to keep your lashes looking full, and fabulous; and there absolutely is! Make sure to cleanse your lashes starting at least 24 hours after each lash extension appointment with either our Regular Foaming Cleanser or our Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser. This will keep the pollen off your lashes, keeping them lightweight and stunning!  


Still Struggling with your Retention…Try Out Lash Armor! 

Check out our Lash Armor products designed for clients that struggle with their retention, live an active lifestyle, or are traveling to more humid climates. It is designed to keep the adhesive bond strong onto your natural lashes, which will help counter your loss of lash extensions.  It comes in a crystal formula or a black onyx formula for clients that like their lashes at a level 1 (crystal) or a darker set (onyx).


If you have any questions about retention, recommended retail, or offered services scroll down to find our number and feel free to give us a call!