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Waxing vs Threading for Sensitive Skin

  • Published
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  • July 11th, 2022
close-up of woman having her eyebrows threaded

If you have sensitive skin in TX, you probably know that waxing can wreak havoc on your skin: irritation, ingrowth, and peeling to name a few. The good news is that there is a hair removal method that works wonders for sensitive skin: threading! Read on to find out why threading is the optimal hair removal choice for sensitive skin.

How to Know If You Have Sensitive Skin

Knowing whether you have sensitive skin is helpful when deciding on waxing vs threading for hair removal. The best thing you can do to determine this is to leave it to the professionals and have a local TX dermatologist check your skin.

During that time, they will look for certain signs such as skin flushing, extremely dry skin, and certain skin reactions such as rashes and bumps. In general, if you find that your skin is reactive to fragrance, is easily irritated, or doesn’t react well to new makeup or skincare products—it’s a good idea to leave waxing out of your hair removal methods.

So, What Is Threading?

Threading is among one of the oldest hair removal methods in the world. There is a reason so many still turn to it today—it works and it’s safer than other methods out there.

The threading process (typically for brows but also for facial hair and the upper lip area) involves a cotton string that is twisted into two strands that are pulled together to remove hair. At The Lash Lounge North Frisco – Hollyhock, we use a professional tool called Helix which slides against your hair growth so that your hair is removed at the root. This results in precise hair removal and when done on brows, a perfect shape. 🙌 One of the best parts? The results last up to 4 weeks—much longer than plucking or waxing.

the lash lounge lash stylist performing a brow service on a female guest

Eyebrow Threading for Sensitive Skin

Now that you know what threading is and how it works at The Lash Lounge North Frisco – Hollyhock, we’re going to share a few reasons why this hair removal method is great for sensitive skin.

  • Unlike waxing, threading involves ZERO chemicals or products that commonly cause irritation
  • It doesn’t tug at your skin
  • When you have threading done at The Lash Lounge North Frisco – Hollyhock with the Helix tool, this means the only thing touching your skin is the thread, which makes for a very sanitary process.

Safety is our priority for every guest. One of the many ways we ensure safety is by having ALL our stylists master the threading technique during our proprietary training program. This means that when you walk into The Lash Lounge North Frisco – Hollyhock for a threading service, you can rest assured that your delicate skin is in safe, professional hands.

TIP: If you have extremely sensitive skin and are experiencing a little redness after your threading appointment, hydrocortisone cream on the affected area will be your friend.

Say Yes to Threading for Precise Results

At The Lash Lounge North Frisco – Hollyhock, we will ALWAYS prioritize your skin’s safety while still giving you precise, gorgeous results. Say NO to compromising your sensitive skin’s health due to harsh waxing and YES to joining us in the safe and precise experience of threading in TX. 💜