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3 Lash Lounge Guests And How They Shine

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  • December 1st, 2022
a graphic design template featuring the images of 3 Lash Lounge guests with lash extensions and text that reads "Our Guests SHINE!"

There are so many things we love about our guests here at The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy, including how they SHINE! Get a front row seat as we highlight 3 special guests, their lives and how each of them make lash extensions a priority so they can shine even brighter. 

Tanisha, Lash Lounge guest, featured in a graphic template where the text reads "Tanisha SHINES!"

Meet Tanisha: A Heart for Helping Others and All About Her Hybrid Lashes

A true embodiment of what it means to help others, Tanisha works full-time in healthcare and on the side, she assists brides with the planning of their destination weddings. She stays busy, but when she has free time she loves to be active, take her dog on long walks and watch her favorite sport, soccer. Another thing she loves to make time for: her lash appointments! Since 2021, Tanisha has been visiting her home salon in Tennessee: The Lash Lounge Memphis – White Station. The time she makes for self-care is a breeze on her schedule and her wallet thanks to the classic membership she signed up for. Recently she had a special event to attend, so Tanisha upgraded her beloved classic lashes to hybrid and LOVED the results! 🤩

The 3 words Tanisha used to describe how her custom lash extensions make her feel: confident, glamorous and refreshed. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! 😉

Tanisha Shines Bright!

Part of what gives us the confidence to own our shine is watching other women in our life do exactly that. The woman who inspires Tanisha every day is her mom: My mother came to the U.S. with little to nothing. She has worked hard and sacrificed so much to give me and my brothers a better life. She now owns her own company and is GREAT at what she does.”

Janet, Lash Lounge guest, featured in a graphic template where the text reads "Janet SHINES!"

When it comes to what truly makes Tanisha shine in life, she didn’t hesitate to answer. “Owning the power in myself, inspiring others to do the same and staying true to my passion for helping others.”  

Just as her mother inspired her to shine bright, Tanisha strives to do the same for others and we couldn’t be more proud to have her as a Lash Lounge guest!  

Meet Janet: Long-Time Guest and Volume Lash Lover

Born and raised in Texas, Janet loves the Texas Longhorns and enjoys cheering them on every chance she gets! She’s also a huge fan of something else: her lash extensions! Since 2007, Janet has entrusted The Lash Lounge with her lashes and now visits The Lash Lounge Allen – Watters Creek. Yep, that’s right…Janet has had lash extensions for FIFTEEN YEARS! Her loyalty and love for The Lash Lounge is a testament to the work we do, the bond we build with our guests and (this is the good one) the difference going to a professional for lash extensions truly makes!  

“The Lash Lounge is all about integrity of your natural lashes and I cannot thank them enough for that! It’s because of this care and attention to detail that I’ve had lash extensions for 15 years!”  

Janet is a Shining Star!

It’s an honor to know that we’ve kept Janet’s lash line shining and healthy all these years! 💜 During our chat with her, she shared a funny story about meeting her husband and a comical fact about him and her years with lash extensions! “My husband has NEVER seen me without lashes since we have been married—believe it or not!”  

We love that lash extensions are a mainstay in Janet’s life AND that her shining quality of loyalty has kept her coming back to The Lash Lounge!

Melissa, Lash Lounge guest, featured in a graphic template where the text reads “Melissa SHINES!"

Meet Melissa: Busy Mom with Beautiful Volume Lashes

We’ve got another Texan in the house—Melissa! She is the ultimate supermom, active in her kid’s school and in her community. From 5 a.m. wakeups for swim practice to 7 days a week at the soccer field, penciling in time for herself can be tough, but she makes it happen. Melissa’s secret for looking and feeling her best amidst the hustle and bustle of life and motherhood: LASHES!  

“Having lash extensions makes me feel like I can wake up and start my day with confidence. I always call them my guilty pleasure since it’s the one upkeep I consistently splurge on! When the early, hot and sweaty soccer games are going, who has time for mascara?!”  

Like Janet, Melissa is a Lash Lounge veteran! She’s been getting lash extensions for 9 years and with her same, trusted stylist Hillary at The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy. We couldn’t love her lash loyalty more! 💕 

Melissa Makes Time to Shine!

Melissa’s love for her family is a quality that makes her SHINE bright. Her priorities are clear and inspiring: “My biggest role is to be present with my family and enjoy every moment.”  

Melissa also recognizes that taking special time for herself (ahem, down-time at The Lash Lounge 😉) is vital to showing up for those in her life. Balancing time for yourself, your children and your partner is no easy feat, but Melissa does it with beauty and grace and for that, she’s a true SHINING star!  

It’s Your Time to Shine At The Lash Lounge!

Tanisha, Janet and Melissa each shine bright in their own, unique ways. They’re also living proof that when you invest in yourself and OWN your personal SHINE, you’ll inspire others to do the same! Take their stories as a sign that IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE, and The Lash Lounge Plano – Shops at Legacy can’t wait to welcome you!