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The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley

If you’re seeking a luxurious and personalized lash salon, you’ve arrived at the right place! We’re known for our attention to detail and exceptional guest service. Our plush spa beds and clean, fuzzy blankets will make you ultra-comfortable as your lash stylist transforms your lash line—so comfy you might drift into a lash nap! Each service station has velvety curtains to ensure your privacy during your appointment. When your service is over, you’ll wonder why you didn’t book with us sooner!

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Founded by industry pioneer, Anna Phillips, our licensed stylists complete weeks and weeks of proprietary training before earning their Lash Lounge certification.



Walk in uniquely you; walk out with a lash look all your own. During your consultation, we create a 100% custom lash design that highlights your natural beauty.



Your health is our top priority. That’s why we never apply extensions that could damage your natural eyelashes, and we do it all with strict adherence to health and safety standards.



Walk in, say hello, then take a deep breath. You made it. Your “me time” is here. We’re pulling out all the stops for you to relax in luxury.

Our Services

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An extreme closeup of a Caucasian woman’s green eye with “Hybrid: Level 2” lash extensions applied from The Lash Lounge.

Our lash extensions are 100% lush and 100% safe. They’re made of a premium synthetic material and undergo a double heat-roll process to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful curl.

Your lash extensions are only as good as their application. At The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley, our expert stylists are trained to assess your natural lashes and guide you through the customization process. Work directly with your stylist to design a lash look completely customized to you!

An extreme closeup of a Black woman’s brown eye with “Classic: Level 1” c-curled lash extensions applied from The Lash Lounge.

Did you know that most people lose 20–30% of their natural eyelashes every two weeks? And when they shed, your eyelash extensions go with them. That’s why we recommend coming back to see your favorite lash artist at The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley every two weeks. And, well, also because we miss you!

During your eyelash fill appointment, your stylist removes long or overgrown extensions and replaces those that have naturally shed since your last visit. The result? A beautiful, replenished lash line!

An extreme closeup of a Black woman’s brown eye with eyelashes that have received a lash lift service from The Lash Lounge.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to curl your lashes, then our lash lift is perfect for you! You’ll be in and out in just about an hour. Then, toss out your lash curler and mascara—results last up to eight weeks!

Lash lifts are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in low-maintenance and beautifully curled lashes that give your eyes that extra wow factor!


Score major savings while keeping your lashes full and fluffed with our custom membership options! With a membership, you can confidently flaunt your fluttery lashes day in and day out.

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New to Lash Lounge? Allow us to give you a tour

Welcome to The Lash Lounge, where you’ll walk into a professional, luxury eyelash extension salon, greeted by warm, friendly faces committed to providing exceptional care to our members and guests.

Interested in becoming a certified stylist?

The Lash Lounge is the premier lash extensions salon in the United States. As a lash stylist, you get to use your skills and artistry to help guests feel beautiful and confident—one lash line at a time!

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At The Lash Lounge Laguna Niguel – Crown Valley, we’re ALL about empowering women to feel their most confident and beautiful. Our mission is to help women realize their FULL potential. Some simple TLC to your lashes and brows can make a world’s difference in how you take on your day. Our expert lash stylists will work with you to ensure your look feels 100% YOU! Your jaw will drop at your finished look when your service and its reveal moment are complete.

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Salon Manager Stephanie Alcocer

"I’m deeply passionate about empowering women through self-love and individuality. It's my goal to inspire others to embrace their true selves and not be afraid to shine. At The Lash Lounge, I have the opportunity to help women feel more confident and beautiful, and to see the transformative power of self-love in action."

—Stephanie A., Salon Manager

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New to lashes? Snag your starter full set for up to $186 off!
Claim Offer

+ Classic: $99
+ Hybrid: $139
+ Volume: $164

* Price points above reflect “level 1” lashes. Exclusions may apply. Limit one per person. Service with a stylist. Senior and master stylist upgrades are available at select salons.

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Getting lash extensions at a reputable, professional salon is SO essential, which is why we pride ourselves on being the go-to spot for lashes in Orange County.

We’re conveniently located in The Center at Rancho Niguel, a popular shopping and dining destination in Laguna Niguel! Book an appointment with one of our expert lash stylists today.