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4 Photo Apps to Show Off New Boulder Lash Extensions

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • June 17th, 2022
hispanic woman with lash extensions taking a selfie

We can’t all be influencers. While we wish we had a trusted photographer at our beck and call to snap professional photos, sometimes we have to work with the tools we’ve got! Enter: photo editing apps.

To make your selfie game as flawless as your new full set of lashes from The Lash Lounge Boulder – Alcove on Arapahoe, see the 4 apps we recommend to help you finesse your eyelash extensions before and after photos!

How Apps Can Help You Create Flawless Lash Photos In Boulder

The Lash Lounge Boulder – Alcove on Arapahoe lashes are the name of the game. Instaworthy lashes before and after photos are the goal!

How can the right apps help you take your lash pics and selfies to the next level?

  1. Photos looking blurry? A good app can help you adjust and sharpen your images to make them appear more crisp and clear.
  2. Puffy eyes or untimely blemishes killing your “say cheese” moment? You can easily fix those.
  3. Capture a crooked photo? Pristine straightening tools in photo editing apps can help.
  4. Natural light not available? No worries! There are user-friendly tools you can work with to lighten and softly brighten your photos.
  5. Notice some redness in your eyes? It’s super easy to diminish or remove redness to keep your lash line center stage!
  6. Dry skin or an annoying shadow overshadowing your lashes? An editing app can clear all that up and more!

Before we dig in, a word to the wise: Don’t be that person that goes overboard with touch-ups. You can keep your images looking as natural as possible with just a few subtle edits!

young blonde woman with lash extensions showing before and afters of her edited photos

4 Photo Editing Apps Recommended by The Lash Lounge Boulder – Alcove on Arapahoe

It can get overwhelming when trying to figure out which app to purchase. We get it! That’s why we have 4 tried and true photo editing app recommendations to share:

  1. Facetune: With endless possibilities for elevating your look, we love Facetune because it allows you to stick to a more authentic appearance. Some of our favorite features for this app include:
    • Controlled smoothing under and around the eyes
    • Bringing your natural eye color back to life
    • The ability to heal unwanted blemishes
  2. Snapseed: With its “Control Point” technology and enhancement features designed specifically for the face, this app is another favorite. For first-time users, Snapseed comes with some helpful tutorial features with tips and tricks not just about the app itself but also photography in general. Brightening a dull image and strategically adjusting the saturation has never been more user-friendly!
  3. Presco: If you’re familiar with using presets, then you may already know about Presco. If not, this app is great for those of you who don’t care about spending extra time editing photos manually. The Lightroom presets included in Presco were created and developed by professional photographers to make your photos look top-notch…and fast! All you have to do is scroll, select and apply. A few of our favorite presets are:
    • B10 from the Bagan collection
    • BB10 from the Big Ben collection
    • HS8 from the Haʻikū Stairs collection
  4. A Color Story: Offering up endless editing options and over 400 crafted filters, this app includes more than 20 free tools, moveable effects (if you want to add some fun to your Boulder lash selfies) and so much more to keep you from getting bored with your pics. A couple things we particularly love about A Color Story are:
    • Seasonal filters
    • The ability to save custom filters
    • Incredible library of tutorials and tips

We Want to See Your Boulder Lash Extensions Before and After Photos!

Once you have perfected those beautiful lash pics, don’t forget to tag us when you share them on social media! We want to ooh and aah over your flawless lash extensions from The Lash Lounge Boulder – Alcove on Arapahoe, plus those exceptional editing skills!

And you never know…we just might share your pic in our stories or on our social pages. So, get to lashing, snapping, and editing. We can’t wait to see!