Social Media: How It Can Inspire Eyelash Looks + What to Know Before Falling in #LashLove

  • Published
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  • September 28th, 2022
Woman smiling at her social media lash inspo photo on her Iphone wearing a purple shirt

Social media. It’s a powerful resource to have at your fingertips, plus a great platform for inspiration—yes, even for lashes! If you’re like us, you’ve scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest and spotted a KILLER set of lashes. You’ve immediately saved or pinned them to pull up at your next appointment.  

Today, we’re talking all about how social media can inspire your next lash look. We’ll uncover the helpful nuggets that’ll help you fall in lash love with a lash look that’s also good fit for your natural lash line.

Oh, the Possibilities! Getting Giddy Over Lash Looks on Social Media 

Whether you’re new to lash extensions or you’re a pro, lash gazing is always fun!

Inspiration for New Lash Lovers 

For you lash newbies, searching, scrolling and saving photos can help you get an idea of the types of lash looks you gravitate towards. Are they volume? Are they long? Do they tend to mimic more of a natural look?

a woman sitting on a couch with coffee and a laptop

 Whatever you’re leaning into, save them on social or take some screenshots. When you come in for your first full set of lash extensions and consult with your stylist, you’ll have a great launch point to discuss the perfect custom lash look! 

Versatility for Lash Veterans 

Been in before? We ADORE our faithful lash ladies! Many of you have a go-to lash look. It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, it feels like YOU.  

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to change things up? We’re here to give you the courage to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! After all, since you shed 20% of your natural lashes every two weeks, if you don’t love them as much as you thought you would, it’s an easy journey back to your ol’ standby. 

Let’s talk options. If you’ve been all about the classic application method and are married to a C curl, that’s awesome. But, if you find yourself longing for a more voluminous look, consider trying hybrid or volume on for size during your next fill. After three refills, your look should fully transition! 

Not sure what you want to do next? We suggest chatting with your stylist. She will have some expert recommendations on a great custom lash look that complements your lash line and eye shape 

Lash Lounge guest looking into a mirror after getting lash extensions

Expectations: What to Know Before Falling in Love with Lashes on Social 

When you find that jaw-dropping, GORGEOUS set of lashes on social media, get excited! That’s a big milestone. When you come to your appointment, your stylist will take you through our handy Lash Catalog to determine how the features you like translate into things like application method, lash level and curl.  

She’ll also talk with you about whether that lovely look is a good fit for you. Sometimes, because everyone’s natural eye shape, lash density, lash length, strength and lifestyles are different, what truly accentuates one woman’s beauty might not give quite the same effect on someone else. 

The following are some of the factors our certified stylists consider when designing the perfect lash look for you: 

Your Natural Lash Health  

At The Lash Lounge, the health of your lashes is our #1 priority before, during and after application. If your natural lashes are healthy and strong, then you should be able to get lash extensionsand hopefully even that stunning full set you saw on Instagram!  

However, if you have few or no natural lash hairs, if your lashes are brittle, weak or in poor condition, or if you have a medical condition that has left you with no lashes, then you may not be a good candidate for lash extensions at The Lash Lounge 

If you share your favorite Instagram lash inspo, we will do everything we can to achieve it just as long as we’re keeping your natural lashes safe in the process.

Your Eye Shape 

Have you ever seen a dress online that looks PERFECT and seems like it was made just for you? Then you go to try it on and it looks nothing like it did on the model? Maybe the fit’s not flattering? The same thing can happen when it comes to lashes.  

Just as we all have our own, unique body shape, we also have our own eye shape. The Lash Lounge personalizes your lashes based on your own, individual eye shape. For example, we design for a round eye shape differently than we do for a hooded eye shape. We believe each set of eyes and lashes must be treated and customized as the unique beauties they are!  

So, if you love a celeb’s lashes, we get it (and probably do, too!). Just remember that, sometimes, the application she’s rocking may not work the same for you since her eye shape and natural lashes are different than yours. So, definitely bring the photo! Just know that there’s a chance we might have to tweak the overall look to help you shine.  

Your Lash Density 

Did you know there are multiple layers within your lash line and that, from person to person, the number of lashes in those layers vary? And that, within those layers, there are tiny lashes in various stages of the growth cycle 

Suffice to say, all lash lines are not created equal. Some will have more or fewer lashes than others. The more natural lashes you have, the more extensions you can sport! 

Your Lifestyle & Habits + Committing to Life with Lash Extensions 

You might not have given it much thought, but your lifestyle and habits have a bigger impact on your lashes than you might have thought. The following can all play a role in the longevity of your lashes with extensions: 

a woman laying on her stomach on her bed
  • How active you are (Think: hot yoga, going to the gym, etc.)  
  • The way you sleep (Yes, we’re talking to you, stomach sleepers.) 
  • The hot baths/showers you love to take  
  • The vigorous eye rubbing you do each morning when you wake up 

When you see those SUPER long, lush and plush lashes on Pinterest, ask yourself if those fit your lifestyle. While it’s true that lash extensions can go wherever you go (like the gym, swimming, the shower and more), extra care is needed if you partake in activities that could challenge the retention of your lash extensions.  

Our advice to you: when considering a specific look for your eyelashes, also consider the aftercare habits and maintenance you will need to implement in order to take care of them. Clean your lashes regularly, refrain from rubbing them and using non lash-friendly products. 

Know some of these routine lash practices may be a challenge for you? Just keep in mind you may have to come in a little more frequently to maintain the full lash look you love. If you can commit and add a few simple practices to your daily routine, then life with lash extensions IS for you!   

Social Media Lash Inspo + Salon Visits 

Yes, social media can 100% serve as great inspo for your next lash look. Just remember that at The Lash Lounge,your natural lashes, lash health and eye shape will ultimately play into your customized, final lash look. At the end of the day, if the lovable look you were hoping for doesn’t perfectly align with your eye shape or natural lash line, don’t fret! Another stunning look can almost always be customized to fit YOU and the lashes you were born with!  

We want to see your #lashgoals, so keep pinning, saving and take as many screenshots as your little lash-loving heart desires. When you visit The Lash Lounge, share your lash inspo with your stylist and, together, the two of you can determine a dreamy lash look to fit YOU and your lifestyle.