Natural TLC for Your Lashes

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  • January 12th, 2023
Smiling curly haired woman in a sweater with natural lashes

Eyelashes are one of the smallest facial features, yet they can make the biggest difference! That’s probably why, for over a hundred years, women have figured out how to doll them up—with mascara, lash lifts, tinting and, of course, lash extensions.

With all the ways to make them stand out using cosmetics or professional beauty services, there are just as many ways to pamper them naturally. Learn how to show your lashes some love from the inside out.

What’s in an Eyelash?

Eyelashes are a natural accessory and lovely to look at, but did you know they’re also functional? They are! In fact, they work as natural curtains to protect your eyes from the micro debris you encounter daily. It’s essentially the same measure of protection as whiskers on a cat, but we’re the lucky ones since we can glam ours up!

a variety of foods that are good for lash growth

Let’s talk anatomy 101 for a moment. Your natural lashes are made up of 90% proteins, such as keratin and melanin. The remaining 10% is made up of water. The strength of your lashes is a marriage of these natural wonders. The more protein and water present, the stronger your lash is. And the higher the percentage of melanin, the darker your lashes will appear in color!

You (And Your Lashes) Are What You Eat

Lashes, like the hair on your head, need proper nourishment to be the best they can be. What you consume is just as important as what you apply to your lashes. There are many vitamins that can make your lash lines even happier:

  • Vitamin A* is responsible for keeping the glands on your scalp and lash line moisturized and growing. Some yummy foods that contain vitamin A are spinach, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots.
  • B vitamins* work as transport systems to deliver oxygen and nutrients to those same follicles. You can find a great supply of these vitamins in green leafy veggies, chia seeds, whole grains, meat and seafood.
  • Vitamin C* is perhaps the most popular of this collection. Vitamin C is a factory for making collagen and slowing down the aging process of your lashes. A few snacks to reach for with vitamin C are citrus fruits, strawberries and peppers.
  • Vitamin D* works to create a barrier for premature hair loss. You can get your daily dose through eggs, liver, fatty fish, cheese and orange juice. A safe serving of natural sunlight can also do the trick.
  • Vitamin E* works to prevent oxidative stress and boost lash and hair growth. So, don’t forget to add spinach and avocados to your diet!

Your Lashes Deserve Top-Notch Care

Do you remember the first time you made a wish on an eyelash you found on your cheek? Every lash is just that special! Since there are environmental, conditional and habitual threats that can affect your eyelashes, every unique lash deserves excellent care.

See the 6 things to remember and practice so your lashes can stay strong and healthy in any environment or season:

  1. Avoid rubbing your eye area. Instead, rub in circular motions on the lash line.
  2. Don’t pull or tug your natural lashes. This can result in your natural lashes being released prematurely.
  3. Be careful with your lash curler! While it’s fine to use to add a bit of curl to your natural lashes, too much of anything can be a problem. Over-curling your lashes can damage or weaken the delicate beauties.
  4. Never sleep in makeup. The eye area is one of most sensitive areas on the face. Consequently, the surrounding pores and glands are more susceptible to being clogged and even infected if not cleaned daily.
  5. Avoid direct application of skincare or masks onto your lashes. The objective of most masks is to saturate and penetrate the designated area. Your lashes do not need exposure to creams or a detoxifying clay mask. It could coat the lashes and make them brittle—yikes!
  6. Be careful when considering lash strips. The same point of being cautious not to damage your natural lashes, also applies to strip lashes. Be sure that you are familiar with the proper application and adhesive selection to use when considering store-bought lash strips.

How to Give Your Lash Line Some TLC

There are a couple more ways you can show your natural eyelashes some love! Consider using:

Castor Oil*

Castor oil is a secret weapon for your natural lashes! To condition your lashes and promote growth, apply a thin, cold-pressed application to your lash line before bed, then comb through them with your lash wand. Just be sure to only practice this if and when you do not have lash extensions since anything oil-based is not extension-friendly.


This is another goodie for your natural lashes! It’s a fantastic vitamin that your eyelashes tend to respond quickly to. Not only will it promote lash growth, but it’s also incredible for hair, skin and nails!

When picking up or ordering a bottle of this supplement, be sure to select one with 10,000 MCG (micrograms) for best results. To continue fueling your body with biotin, keep adding those superfoods to your diet, including the best biotin-boosting foods such as eggs, raw cauliflower and almonds.

Until We Lash Again

With or without extensions, your lashes deserve the best! So, please don’t forget to show your lashes all the love by keeping them ready for your next salon visit!

*Recommended product usage should be discussed and cleared by a medical professional.