What is a Lash Fill? – A Guide to Lash Fills at The Lash Lounge

If your lash line looks less than lush, it’s time to schedule a lash refill! During your eyelash fill appointment, your stylist removes long or overgrown extensions and replaces those that have naturally shed since your last visit. The result? You’ll say “hello again” to your beautiful, full custom lash look! 

Did you know most people lose 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks?! When your natural lashes shed, your eyelash extensions go with them. That’s why lash refills are SO essential! 

Because they’re SO important, we developed a custom membership program to keep your lashes lovely and full all year round.…at a reduced rate, plus extra members-only perks!!

What to Expect from a Lash Refill

Once you’ve got your first full set of extensions, your lash refill appointment will be a breeze. Not only will your appointment be way shorter (only about an hour), but you’ll also know what the experience will be like! 

Your stylist will start your appointment by asking if you’d like to make any changes to your look. Once you’ve determined whether you want to stick with your same lash look or switch it up, it’s time to get your lashes back into tip-top shape! 

Lash Refill Steps:

  • Remove loose and grown-out lashes—Your stylist will start by cleaning up your lashes and removing any that may still be intact but could use a little TLC.
  • Apply new lashes—Next up it’s time to get your new extensions on! Since this is a refill appointment, extensions will only be placed on areas where they have fallen out or are looking sparse.
  • Schedule your next refill—After your fill, we recommend scheduling your next appointment to make sure you don’t forget and you don’t lose too many lashes before seeing us again.

Your lash refill should be quick and easy! Especially if you’re visiting us regularly and not waiting too long between appointments. Sit back, relax, and let our stylists pamper you for a bit.

How Often Do You Need to Get Lashes Filled?

We recommend visiting us for a lash refill at least every two weeks. We can’t overstate how important consistency is to keep those lashes full and fabulous. Stretch this recommendation to three weeks and your lash line (and pocketbook) will pay the price. Wait too long and you may need a new full set of lash extensions!

Make the most of your refills by taking care of your extensions between appointments.

woman in pink cardigan smiling after lash fill

How to Care for Extensions In Between Lash Fills

We’ve seen lashes in all conditions. Time passed, of course, is one of the biggest factors. Maintenance plays an important role in keeping those lashes full and healthy between fills.

Here are our top lash maintenance tips:

  • Don’t miss or postpone your lash refill appointment. We want to see you and help your lashes look their best!
  • Use lash extension-safe products at all times. Stay away from waterproof mascara and oil- or alcohol-based skincare products and cosmetics. These can cause the adhesive keeping your extensions on to deteriorate, and we don’t want that!
  • Clean your lashes daily. Clean your lashes daily. Clean your lashes daily! Yes, it’s that important. This will help prevent any germs, makeup and body oils from hurting your extensions.
  • Be nice to your lashes. Refrain from rubbing, tugging or pulling on them.

If you have any questions about how to care for your extensions, just ask! Our stylists are happy to help. We want you to love your extensions and feel confident in your ability to care for them between appointments.

Lash stylist applying eyelash extensions to guest

Our Lash Refills are Personalized to Your Lash Look

Guests love The Lash Lounge for our unmatched personalized experience. When you visit us, get ready for a friendly welcome before heading back for your customized refill.

Lash fill appointments aren’t just for retouching your extensions. Maybe you’re preparing for a special event or going on a trip—together with one of our expert stylists, you can adjust your lash look every two weeks to best fit your style and schedule!

Find Eyelash Refills Near Me

If your once-luscious lash line needs some TLC, schedule an appointment with your local Lash Lounge. Whether you’ve been here before or it’s your first time, we’ll work with you to create your perfect lash look. When you leave our lash salon, you’ll feel empowered to take on the world with confidence—and you’ll look great doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A benefit of visiting The Lash Lounge regularly (every two weeks) is that your lash fill appointments will be quick and easy. You can typically expect to be getting your extensions filled for about 60 minutes. The length of a fill will vary from guest to guest, and depends on the time since your last visit, the number of changes you would like and your custom lash application. For instance, because we use up to 10x the number of extensions for our mega volume method compared to our classic method, these refills tend to take more time.  

When it comes to a lash refill cost, prices vary from salon to salon, but a classic refill can range between $70 to $90, depending on your location. Upgrades will also add to the total cost—choose to upgrade to a hybrid, volume or mega volume lash fill or work with a senior or master stylist (if available)!

We also invite you to learn more about our membership program, which includes two discounted eyelash refills per month, 10% off all products and 10% off all other services. That’s right, your lash fills every two weeks will be discounted if you become a member! It’s the best, most cost-effective option to maintain the lash extensions you love.

Whether or not you want to get regular lash refills is completely up to you! Some of our guests choose to get extensions just for a special occasion and prefer not to keep them long-term. However, most guests love their look with extensions and want their lashes to stay luscious forever! If you want to keep your extensions looking full for longer than two weeks, a lash refill is the way to go.

We recommend having your lashes refilled at The Lash Lounge (or wherever you initially got them) to ensure the method and materials remain consistent. Fortunately, you can find The Lash Lounge all over the nation! If you aren’t near your usual location when it’s time for a refill, make an appointment at a sister location and our stylists will be happy to help.