Wet Lash Extensions

Make Waves with Wet Lash Extensions!

Wet lash extensions are offered at The Lash Lounge!* The wet lash look is one of the hottest trends in the industry, and our expert stylists are eager to work their lash magic with this advanced style. Coveted for their captivating, fresh-out-of-the-water look, wet lashes are grabbing the attention of lash lovers everywhere. You DON’T want to miss out!

*Wet lash extensions available at select salons only. Contact your local Lash Lounge for availability.

What Are Wet Lash Extensions?

Wet lash extensions, also known as “angel lashes,” are a lash style for the volume application method created with narrow, closed volume fans across the entire lash line. The closed fans are up to 3 mm longer than your natural lashes, creating a soft and sensual look.

Are Wet Lash Extensions Right For Me?

At The Lash Lounge, we think whatever lash look makes you feel the most confident should be your go-to. If effortlessly youthful and seductive is the vibe you’re after, our wet lash style is the PERFECT fit. If you’re trying out wet lashes with an existing volume set, please anticipate 2–3 refills to achieve the full wet lash look. You can also choose to add on extra lashes, or what we call a “lash spot,” to your fill to transition to the full wet look more quickly!

How Can I Get Wet Lash Extensions?

The number one thing to know is you’ll need to have volume lash extensions (lash level is up to you!) to get our wet lash style. The cost of this style will depend on your member status with us.

If you’re a volume member…

They’re FREE! All you need to do is tell your lash stylist that you want to try the wet style before they begin your service.

If you’re a classic or hybrid member…

You’ll need to upgrade to a volume fill. Then, you can ask for the wet style at no extra charge!

If you’re not a member at The Lash Lounge…

Book a volume full set or refill and let your stylist know you’d like the wet lash look. Because we know you’ll love your look, consider becoming a volume member—it’ll make wearing wet lash extensions all the time super easy with the most cost-effective fills and a regular refill schedule, plus 10% off all add-ons, upgrades and additional services!

Find Wet Lash Extensions Near Me and Book Today!

Ready to channel your inner beach goddess? Go ahead and book that appointment! Be sure to take plenty of selfies and tag us on social so we can see the gorgeous results!


Our lash stylists hand-place closed volume fans that are 2–3 mm longer than your natural lashes across your entire lash line to create the wet lash style.

Yes! You’ll need to have volume lashes to get wet lash extensions. The lash level is up to you!

It depends on your member status with us!

  • Volume members can get wet lashes for free.
  • Classic or hybrid members will need to upgrade to a volume fill; however, the wet lash extensions are no extra charge!
  • Non-members must book a volume full set or volume fill and let their stylist know they’d like the wet lash look.

Wet lash extensions are available at participating Lash Lounge salons. Find your salon to see if they offer them!

Yes! Angel lashes and wet lash extensions are the same lash style.