a graphic design template featuring the images of 3 Lash Lounge guests with lash extensions and text that reads "Our Guests SHINE!"

3 Lash Lounge Guests And How They Shine

September 23, 2022
There are so many things we love about our guests here at The Lash Lounge, including how they SHINE! Get a front row seat as we highlight 3 special guests, their lives and how each of them make lash extensions a priority so they can shine even brighter. 
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a midshot of two female friends laughing and smiling outdoors in the city

Best Friend Date Ideas For Fall

September 19, 2022
From baking with your bestie to self-care time at The Lash Lounge, see our round-up of fun ideas for you AND your friend this fall! Because who doesn’t 💜 girls’ night out?! 
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Young woman smiling with colorful graphic eye makeup

6 Fall Makeup Trends to Try This Season

September 2, 2022
Our 6 Favorite Fall 2022 Eye Makeup Looks A new season means new makeup trends! While we’ll always love classic neutrals and the forever popular no-makeup makeup look, this fall we’re straying away from our traditional comfort zone and opting for more vibrant tones. From soft and feminine shades to…
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closeup of woman combing her eyebrows

Brow Lamination Aftercare: Everything You Need To Know!

August 15, 2022
It FINALLY happened! You got your eyebrows laminated. 🙌🏽 But now what? See our eyebrow lamination aftercare  tips so you can keep those beauties looking on point and prettier than ever!* What Is Brow Lamination? If you’re new to the brow lamination game, don’t worry we got you! 💪🏽 A…
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a mature woman with lash extensions brushes her hair

How to Take Care of Lashes and Brows Through Hair Loss

August 9, 2022
What Causes Hair and Eyelash Loss? There are many reasons your lashes and brows may be thinning or falling out. In fact, most people will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. Age, stress, medication, hormonal changes (like pregnancy 🤰🏽 and menopause), chemotherapy and diet are just a…
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Lash Lounge guest, Ms. Lucy, at the salon laying in the service bed.

At 99, Lash Lounge Guest Ms. Lucy Shines!

August 4, 2022
Nearing 100, our fun-loving, story-telling guest Ms. Lucy reminds us that no matter your age, it’s important to make time for yourself and the things you love. Shining From Day 1 Born in 1922 in Jacksonville, Florida, Ms. Lucy (as we like to call her) was the baby of her…
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Smiling black woman wearing hat while on vacation

Travel Beauty Tips: Wearing Lash Extensions on Vacation

August 4, 2022
Get Vacation-ready! How to Travel with Eyelash Extensions No matter where you’re going, lash extensions are the best companion! Worry less about finding the perfect long-lasting and photo-ready mascara, and instead focus on enjoying your trip. 📸 Use our favorite lash extension travel tips to keep your extensions looking great…
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