2 Tips For Lash Stylists and Their Comfort While Applying Lashes


a woman with back turned to camera arms in the air stretching to the right

2 Tips For Lash Stylists and Their Comfort While Applying Lashes

October 28, 2020
If there’s one thing we know about lash stylists at The Lash Lounge, they’re all about perfecting their lash skills, but what’s something they can’t forget along the way? Their body! Stretching and posture affect both comfort and ergonomics. Both are super important for long-term lashing and, well, general health!
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brunette woman standing infant of a pink background smiling and holding a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Recovery: Reclaiming YOU With Lash Extensions

October 16, 2020
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re sharing how lash extensions can empower you and when you can get them. If you or someone you love is experiencing challenges with breast cancer that’s affecting their lash line or ability to get lash extensions, we hope this post provides insight,…
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Woman cleaning her eyelashes

3 Simple Steps to Clean and Care for Eyelash Extensions

September 21, 2020
While you might wake up and be ready to go…are your lashes? It’s important to take time to properly clean your lashes to promote general lash health and keep your morning routine working in your favor! If you don’t, makeup, debris and natural skin oil can build up along your…
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