Defining Boldness with Spiky Lashes

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graphic showing spiky lash extensions

Want new lash extension inspo? Make a statement with spiky lashes! Learn about this application and how custom spiked lashes can create a dynamic look!

close-up of hispanic woman with spiky lashes

Introducing Spiky Lashes at The Lash Lounge

Adding to our services menu and lash application options is always exciting and we’re THRILLED to share that we now offer SPIKY lashes!* Lash spikes are in demand for those who want to add an edge to their lash line. 🔥

Love volume lashes or already have a volume full set? Spiky could be for you because they’re applied using our volume application. And like all of our lash applications, spiky lashes are customized for each guest!

Bold and Beautiful Details about Spiky Lashes

Now that you know about the availability of this new lash application, let’s spin through some facts on what makes spiky lashes different from our other applications, how it’s applied and more!

Here we go…

image showing transition of spiky lash looks
  • Our new spiky lashes are 8–13mm in length
  • The application includes defined spikes/closed fans dispersed evenly across your lash line
  • Like noted above, spiky lashes are applied in conjunction with our volume application
  • They are 2–4 mm longer than the rest of your extensions
  • Spiky lashes at The Lash Lounge are available in level 2 and 3 only (not level 1)
  • This application is sometimes referred to as “wispy” lashes
  • The spiked lash look creates a visual impact and dimension throughout your lash line

Spice Up Your Look with Spiky Lashes

Like the spike look and want to give them a go? GOOD News: they’re FREE for our volume members!

Not a member yet? Here’s how you can add spiky to your next appointment*:

  • Add them to a volume full set for $25
  • Already have a volume set? Add them to your next refill for only $10
  • All other members can get spiky lashes and save 10%

*There will be an application method upgrade fee

Reminder: Our members always save 10% on ALL add-ons and upgrades (plus other services and retail), so if you’re not a member yet and you’re thinking about spiky, go ahead and become a member today to enjoy the extra perks…. AND to get your spiky full set for less!

Be bold. Feel confident. Get SPIKY!

*Spiky lashes are available at participating salons only. Check with your local salon to see if they’re currently offering this application.