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Holiday Photoshoot Tips to Showcase Your Lashes

November 30, 2023
It’s that time of year and photo sessions are in full swing. See photoshoot makeup tips and more to make this year’s photos the best ever! Makeup Tips For A Photoshoot Whether it’s a solo photoshoot or picture taking with the entire fam, getting your makeup just right is essential.…
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Create a Viral-Worthy Post To Share Your Lash Look

November 16, 2023
You FINALLY got lash extensions. You love them. Wait, no… you’re obsessed with them. You want to show the world! But how? From lash extension hashtags, captions, quotes (and more) learn how to create a simple yet viral-worthy social media post to show off your gorgeous, new lashes!
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How to Find Your Brow Color & Make It a Reality

November 2, 2023
The power of well-defined eyebrows can’t be underestimated—they frame your face AND make your eyes pop. 💥 However, choosing the right brow color can be a daunting task for some. The wrong shade can distract from the rest of your features or look harsh, but the perfect color can take…
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Sensitive Eyes And Lash Services: What To Know

October 12, 2023
Do you deal with sensitive eyes or allergic reactions to eye makeup? Don’t fret! You too CAN achieve your lash goals! You simply need to know which lash services to consider. You should also know about allergic reactions and what a reputable salon should do to check for reactions before…
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Managing Lash Services & Eye Makeup During Allergy Season

October 9, 2023
As the weather changes, most of us begin to grapple with seasonal allergies. (No fun!! 🙅🏽‍♀️) This can be particularly challenging if you wear eye makeup or have lash extensions. Why? Watery, itchy eyes and sneezing can make makeup application difficult, resulting in more smears or smudges throughout the day.…
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How Eyelashes (and Eyebrows) Protect Your Eyes

September 29, 2023
Lashes and brows not only give structure to your facial features, but they also help you share expressions and overall make your look unique. But that can’t be the only thing, right? There’s more to our lashes and brows than meets the eye. 👀 In fact, why do we have…
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Our Favorite Low-Maintenance Makeup Looks

September 14, 2023
Wearing makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a low-maintenance makeup routine is easy if you choose the right products and enhancement services. See some of our favorite makeup looks that are not only easy to apply but will amplify your appearance like never before! How To Keep Makeup…
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