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5 Ways Women Can Reduce Stress

Women. We wear a lot of hats. At work, at home, with family and friends—in so many areas of our lives, we juggle A LOT to hold everything together. While some of us handle stress better than others, many women don’t have or don’t make time to de-stress.

In honor of Stress Awareness Month, we’re calling it like we see it: We can do better!
Today, we’re sharing some simple ways you can reduce the stress in your life. We can save the world and enjoy it, too!

So, take note, ladies, and DO NOT feel guilty about taking some time to do what you need to do to lower your stress. After all, you owe it to yourself!


As women, we often feel we have to do everything perfectly. For instance, your child’s birthday is coming up:

  • Do you bake her a unicorn cake yourself, spending precious painstaking hours trying to make it exactly like the picture on Pinterest?
  • Or do you go down to your local bakery and pay triple what it would cost you to make it, knowing it will turn out perfect and save you a lot of stress and time?

If you have the means, we say order the cake! And not only that—hire the cleaning service to get your house spotless, pick up take-out once (or twice) a week, and get lash extensions so you can save time in front of the mirror each morning. The bottom line is: It’s O.K. to take shortcuts where you can. If it helps to simplify your life and take a little stress off your shoulders, do it!


This stress reliever is not a new one, but it’s one that is proven time and time again! Exercising and getting that heart pumping is a great way to get blood flowing and reduce stress in your body. Regular exercise also helps to improve sleep, gives you more energy and can reduce your blood pressure. All of these things combined will bring those stress levels down. Even if it’s just 20 30 minutes a day of walking, hitting the gym for a fitness class or doing something active, give this simple solution a try and see what a difference it makes!


Did you know that pets can relieve stress? It’s true! A pet can relieve stress in a number of ways:
They can lower blood pressure.
They can inspire us to get active.
They make us laugh and bring us joy.
They reduce loneliness.
They increase cardiovascular health.
They make us feel love.

So, whether it’s your pet, your friend’s pet or you decide to adopt a pet, think twice about those four-legged friends. They can be a life-saver when it comes to stress…literally! Those super sweet snuggles aren’t bad either!


We all get in a rut from time to time. Maybe you take the same route to work every morning. What if you changed up your morning commute to something a little more scenic? Maybe you eat the same three things every day for lunch. Why not splurge and hop into your favorite burger joint for a change? Or maybe your look needs a refresh. Get a new hairstyle or get those brows microbladed at The Lash Lounge so they’re not looking “barely there.”

Whatever the rut you’re in, doing even the smallest things to change things up can brighten your day and relieve some of that stress. After all, change IS good sometimes!


When you do something for YOU, stress will take a serious backseat. And listen, ladies, it doesn’t have to be something huge here, but it can be if that’s what you really need!

Do anything at all—whether it’s as simple as going on a walk, taking a long bubble bath or enjoying a full day of shopping. Then, of course, there’s our personal favorite: visiting The Lash Lounge for any lash or brow service your heart desires. You’ll enjoy a super relaxing experience in a luxurious atmosphere with comfy spa beds, plush blankets and an escape to wherever your headphones may take you!

Whatever it is we as women do, we must remember that we all give so much of ourselves and time to other people and other things. Once in a while, we don’t just need to think about making stress relief a priority; we MUST make it one. It will lead to a happier, more productive life…and we all could use that!

Tips & Tricks

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Make Your Lash Extensions Last…

While we love a good laugh, one thing we never kid about is the care and life of your lash extensions. It’s no coincidence that taking care of your lashes gets you the most mileage out of your fluttery friends. Today, we’re sharing some fool-proof ways to keep them at their best for longer!


One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your lashes is simply to keep them clean. In terms of your day-to-day routine, that just means keeping up with daily face-washing. If you’ve already built in the suds and scrubs, the good news is there’s no extra task for you. We recommend using one of our oil-free, lash extension-safe makeup removers, which is the best way to keep your lashes clean and secure. Purchase a cleanser at one of our salons and choose from either our Special Makeup Remover or our Eye Makeup Remover Gel. Learn more about the difference between these two life-changing lash cleansers.

Wondering just how you should clean your lashes? Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging. Just follow the three steps below:

  1. Use our oil-free and alcohol-free eyewash specifically formulated for lash extensions.
  2. Refrain from pulling or tugging your lashes while washing. Simply use your fingertips or a lash-cleansing brush to gently massage the cleanser into your lash line.
  3. Rinse with fresh water until the cleanser and makeup residue is removed.   

Along with cleaning your lashes daily, you’ll also want to make sure you brush your lashes every morning with a clean mascara wand. Why morning? While you’re sleeping, your lashes can tangle and flip to the side, so the secret to keeping them in place is to gently brush through and fluff them.  


As a general rule of thumb, the less you mess with your lashes, the longer they will last. So, no rubbing, tugging or plucking when you have lash extensions! If you do a lot of rubbing and messing with your lash line, this could cause your extensions to fall off prematurely…who wants that?

We do know and understand that everyone is human and you may have an itch near your lash line from time to time. The good news is that there are ways to soothe the itch without any vigorous rubbing or pulling on your lashes. A simple trick is to use your mascara wand to gently brush through your lashes. Don’t you feel better already just thinking about it? But if you must, a slight rub on your eyelid in a circular motion is a-ok, too.


If you have invested in lash extensions, then you will also want to be sure to invest in a lash sealant. This product goes a long way to extend the life of the adhesive used to attach the extension to your natural lash. It locks your extensions in place for a longer period of time.

Be sure to purchase one of the two we offer: our Protecting Sealer and our Black Diamond Coating Sealant. What’s the difference between these two? The Black Diamond sealer is a daily use product that adds a darker sheen and helps extend the life of your extensions. The Protecting Sealer is used twice weekly and perfect for those with active lifestyles, those who live in high humidity areas, and those with oily skin types.

In short, a lash sealant is the perfect aftercare product to extend the life of your lash extensions and retention in between refills. Next to the investment you’ve made in your lash extensions themselves, purchasing a lash sealer is a close second!


Not all beauty products are O.K. to use with lash extensions. Be sure to stay away from waterproof mascara and any oil- or alcohol-based products or cosmetics. And yes, this includes any moisturizers with oil that are applied around the eyes.

Check out last week’s post on lash extension-friendly beauty products and cosmetics!


Keeping up with your lash refill appointments every two weeks (three weeks max) is key to keeping your lash line looking full. When you come in for your refill appointment, your stylist will perform maintenance to freshen up your current set, then place new extensions for added fullness. When you come in for refills on the regular, you ensure a full, lush lash line and a fresh lash look, like we all love!

On the other hand, if you don’t keep up with your regular refills, your stylist will have to add more extensions than usual to bring that fullness back. This could mean you need to invest in a service upgrade. This is definitely doable and we can also make sure to book the right amount of time for your appointment so we can get your lashes back to the fab fullness you adore.

So, schedule your refill appointments regularly and even ask us about our membership program, which will save you money on regular refills and make sure you’re always looking and feeling your best!


You have made an investment on your beautiful long, voluminous lashes, and we want you to protect it!

If you’re ever unsure about the products you’re using or something you’re doing that you may be afraid could harm your lashes, talk to us. That’s what we are here for! Whether it’s before, during or after your appointment, fill us in and we’ll set the record straight for you…and your lashes.

Photo Credit: The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs – Chastain Park


Tips & Tricks

Cosmetics and Beauty Products: Which Ones Are Lash Extension-Friendly?

When we welcome new guests to The Lash Lounge to receive their first full set of lashes, we often answer questions and share tips about cosmetics and products that are okay and not okay to use with lash extensions.

Though there won’t be too much of an adjustment to your daily routine, not all products are lash extension-safe. Today, we’re giving you the scoop on which ones get the green light and which to stay away from. Take note, ladies!


First, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: After getting lash extensions, most of our guests actually find they don’t need to wear as much makeup because they discover that their new extensions are a great alternative. Hooray for that! However, we know makeup is oh-so-fun and a great way to express yourself, so for our makeup-loving guests, we say get your glam on!

When you have lash extensions, you can wear your usual face makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow and even mascara, as long as it’s all lash extension friendly and all are not oil or alcohol based. If you apply face powders and eyeshadows, keep in mind that residue can flake off onto your lashes.

Tip #1: If you wear eye makeup, gently brush through your lashes with your lash wand immediately after applying any powdery type of makeup. This will brush out any flakes or residue that landed on your lash line while applying.

Tip #2: For those of you who are mascara fans, be sure to only use a water-based mascara. You can even purchase one of the two mascara options we carry in our salons: our Ultimate Volume Mascara and our Lengthening Mascara. 


Other products you need to be sure to shy away from when you have lash extensions include any products that are oil- or alcohol-based. Products like lotions, creams and moisturizers that contain oils are not good to use on or near the lash line. Why, you ask? Products that contain oil can break down the bond of the extension adhesive, which can then cause it to detach from your natural lash. This will shorten the life of your lash extensions. No thank you!

Tip #3: When it comes to cleansing products, pay attention to the ingredients and do not use any alcohol-based products.

Tip #4: Use one of our cleansing products that are not only lash extension-safe but are gentle and perfect for cleansing not only your eye area and, but your whole face! We have our Special Eye and Makeup Remover which has the same pH balance as natural tears, making it ideal for those with sensitive eyes.  Then we have our Eye Makeup Remover Gel, which works on all skin types. Both are formulated to work with eyelash extensions and each cleanser is gentle enough to use as an all-over makeup remover.  Cheers for cutting down on the number of bottles on our vanities!


In order to extend the life of your lashes and keep your extensions in tip-top shape, make sure you take a look at the ingredient list of the cosmetics and products you are using. You’ve made an investment in your lashes and you definitely want to protect them!

As always, ask your lash stylist any questions you have about the cosmetics and products you’re using. You can even bring them in with you during your next appointment and let us take a look!

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Lash Extensions: Will I Feel Them?

Do lash extensions look natural? Will I feel them? Will they be uncomfortable or bother me? Today, we’re setting the record straight so you can take the plunge and get the lashes you’ve been dreaming of!


When it comes to the look of lash extensions, here’s the scoop: At The Lash Lounge, our eyelash extensions look just like your natural lashes. How is this possible? Each application we provide is customized to your eye shape, your natural lash line and then, of course, your own desired look.

We are not a “one-size-fits-all” lash salon. The different curls, thicknesses and lengths we offer are indistinguishable in weight to human lashes. Our experienced, professional lash stylists will choose a variety of extensions to create the most flattering, natural, custom look for you!


Now, for the comfort question and how lashes feel. We’ve got good news for you: Assuming your lash extensions have been applied correctly by a trained stylist, lash extensions are nearly unnoticeable after application. Visually, you will see (and love) the difference in length, but you will not typically feel the extensions themselves.

And for the record, it should never, ever hurt when getting lash extensions! When you go to a licensed and trained stylist, there should never be any pain involved in a proper eyelash extension application. As a matter of fact, it’s a very relaxing experience for our guests; they’ll lie back in luxury, rest…and even nap!


Still have a few questions? We’re happy to help! Please comment below with your question or click here to find a salon near you. Each of our wonderful salons would love to talk with you further and invite you in for your first service!

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Store-Bought vs. Salon-Quality Lashes: What’s the Difference?

Attention Lash Lovers! If you have ever wondered what makes lashes you can purchase at the store different from lashes you get professionally done at a salon, we’re sharing the inside scoop!


Typically, store-bought lash products are made for temporary application, meaning you wear them once, then toss them out. When you get them professionally applied at a salon like The Lash Lounge, they’ll last anywhere from weeks to months! As long you keep them clean and keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible, then only when your natural lash hairs shed will your lash extensions shed with them.


Another difference is that the lashes you purchase at the store must be self-applied. This can require patience, skill and often leads to frustration when you cannot get those darn strips on straight! We love a good DIY project, but not when it comes to our lashes!

The beauty of visiting a reputable salon to have your lashes applied is that you get to lay back, relax and let trained experts work their magic.

Unlike the store-bought lash extensions, our lashes are individually applied to single natural hairs with a medical-grade adhesive. So, not only is the quality itself better, visiting a salon gives you the opportunity to let the experts give you a natural, voluminous-looking lash line.

Speaking of quality, here at The Lash Lounge, our lashes are made of premium synthetic material. Unlike store-bought lashes, our lashes are waterproof, sweatproof, showerproof and, when applied properly, will last until the natural hair sheds and both it and the extension fall out. Psst…don’t be that girl at the pool with a lash strip hanging off your eye! Instead splish, splash and enjoy all of your water activities with your luxurious lash extensions in place, minus an embarrassing lash mishap or mascara running down your face. (That’s never pretty, ladies!)


There are a number of store bought options when it comes to lashes, such as lash strips, individual lash tabs, and the latest product…magnetic lashes, which we’ve been getting some questions about.

Just like store-bought lash strips, magnetic lashes offer a temporary, self-application option for lashes. They also use tiny magnets to sandwich your natural lashes between two strips and, aside from being very difficult to attach properly (and keep in place), they can weigh your natural lashes down.

Not only that, magnetic strip lashes can cause your natural lashes to break off or prematurely fall out (yikes!). Due to the hassle of getting them applied properly on your own and the damage that can be made to your natural lashes, we do not recommend magnetic lashes.


After all this, we know there’s something to that age-old saying: You get what you pay for! And it’s O.K. to invest in yourselves—especially when that means a luxurious beauty service that will give you gorgeous, salon-quality lashes. That’s not to mention the many precious minutes you’ll regain in the morning by simplifying your morning makeup routine. Who’s up for some extra zzzz’s?

Are you ready to experience the difference and try lash extensions? If the answer is yes, click here to find a Lash Lounge near you!

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The Lash Appointment Lowdown: Tips Straight From Our Salon…

Feast your eyes on the final part of our “Lash Appointment Lowdown” series with tips straight from our salon owners. Today you’ll get some insight on one of the most important parts of having lash extensions: keeping them clean. Continue reading below for this expert advice shared by Yvonne Hemphill, our Flower Mound – Robertson’s Creek franchisee.


The most common makeup related question we get asked is “Can I still wear mascara?” What we’ve found is that, after getting lash extensions, most of our guests actually do not wear much mascara…or even eye makeup for that matter. (Hello, more time in the morning! Can we get a “Hear, hear!”?)

However, lash extensions can complement your daily look, even when that includes a full face of makeup! So, if you’re going for that jaw-dropping glam look, you go girl!

For those of you that have a mascara soft spot, we suggest using one of our water-based mascaras. We have our Ultimate Volume Mascara (pictured in the silver tube below) and our Lengthening Mascara (pictured in the black tube below). Both mascaras are specifically formulated for eyelash extensions (hooray!) and we carry each in the salon. No need to special-order online, just pick some up during your next visit! 

One final important note for our mascara-loving guests: Always steer clear of waterproof mascara. Why? Waterproof mascara is NOT lash-extension-friendly. So, be careful while you’re scanning the makeup section; you want to protect your lashes and the investment you’ve made in them.  


Makeup or not, our number one tip, whether it’s your first visit or you’re a Lash Lounge veteran, is to keep your lashes clean and residue-free. Makeup, debris and natural skin oil can build up along your lash line if not cleaned properly and affect the durability of the eyelash adhesive.

So, what’s the best way to keep your lashes clean and what type of cleansing product is safe to use? An oil-free and alcohol-free eye cleanser that is specifically formulated for eyelash extensions is best to use when cleansing the lash line. The good news is that we offer two oil-free and alcohol-free eye makeup removers. Our Special Eye and Makeup Remover has the same pH balance as natural tears, making it ideal for those with sensitive eyes.  Then we have our Eye Makeup Remover Gel, which works on all skin types. Both are formulated to work with eyelash extensions and each cleanser is gentle enough to use as an all-over makeup remover. Let’s do a happy dance for only having to use ONE single cleanser…whoop, whoop!

You will want to use one of these cleansers daily and be sure to avoid pulling or tugging on your lashes during your cleaning. Keep it gentle and use your fingertips or an eyelash cleansing brush to gently massage the cleanser into the lash line, then rinse with fresh water until the cleanser and any makeup product is removed. Bottom line is be gentle with your eyes and lashes!


Last but not least, never hesitate to ask your stylist about the proper way to clean and care for your lashes. If you’re unsure about a product, bring it in and share that product with your stylist so they can tell you for sure whether it’s safe for your lashes. Don’t take any chances if you’re not sure; that’s what we’re here for! Aside from making your lashes look oh-so-fabulous, our stylists and staff are here for you and any questions you may have when it comes to life with lashes. After all, lashes are our LIFE!

In case you missed them, go back and check out more tips from Part 1 and Part 2 of “The Lash Appointment Lowdown” series, and be sure stay tuned for more tips and answers to the most common lash questions, coming your way in just a few weeks!

Photo of lash application by stylist at Ann Arbor – Washtenaw and Platt salon Tips & Tricks

The Lash Appointment Lowdown: Tips Straight From Our Salon…

Today we’re excited to share Part 2 of lash appointment tips right from some of our salon owners. Here’s to feeling even more comfortable when you come in for your first (and second and third and fourth…) visit!

See below for some more expert advice surrounding lash customization and the importance of regular refills shared by Cathy Snyder, our Sandy Springs – Chastain Park franchisee.


When you come in for your appointment, tell us about you! If you have never had lashes before, it’s okay if you don’t know the exact lash look you’re after. Our stylists are there to help guide you through our customization options.

The more you share with your stylist about your lifestyle and desired lash look, the easier it is for them to zero in on the best custom lash creation for you! Yes, that’s right…CUSTOM lashes are our specialty!

We have several different lash types, curls, applications, lengths and fullness levels to choose from. With our proprietary face-mapping system, we use your natural features as our lash canvas to create a custom look unique just to you. In other words, we are not a “one size fits all” lash salon. Which is perfect, because you’re not a cookie-cutter woman either!


Once you have a feel for your lash shedding cycle and retention, we’ll want to see you regularly for refill appointments to keep your lashes healthy and you looking and feeling great. This is typically about every two weeks.

Plump ‘Em Up

When you come in for your refill appointment, the stylist will attach lashes onto your new healthy natural lashes to fill in your custom design. If you come in every couple weeks and make lash hygiene a priority (like we know you will, girl!), your stylist will probably apply between 25 and 45 lashes per eye, depending on the stylist level working with you. If you make refills on the regular, that would mean you’re adding to the 75% of your extensions still attached from your last refill. Everyone loves a full lash line!

If you happen to have a sparser lash line, we may have to add more extensions than usual to bring that full lash line back to its original fullness. But that’s totally doable! Please let us know if you’re running a little thin and we can make sure to book the right amount of time to get you back to fab.

Long + Level Lashes

The other thing that might happen during your refill appointment is that your stylist might also remove any lash extensions that appear to have grown out and, as a result, might be a little too heavy for your natural lash.

You can tell if this has happened if, in between appointments, your lash has twisted or flopped to the side. We’ll take care of it, and make sure your lashes are long, full…and the same length. 

There you have it: These two things combined allow the stylist to give you the most beautiful and full custom lash line every. single. time.

Happy refills, ladies! Check out our membership options to permanently pencil in your lash refills!

In case you missed it, check out Part 1, of “The Lash Appointment Lowdown.”

Photo of The Lash Lounge Austin – Mueller salon Tips & Tricks

The Lash Appointment Lowdown: Tips Straight From Our Salon…

Lash Loungers, you’re in luck! We’re lucky enough to have three different salon owners join us today with the inside scoop on getting the most out of your lash appointment. From coming in with clean lashes, to understanding the time you should set aside for your first visit, to customizing a lash look all your own, they’ve got it all for you.

Lash Appointment Tips—Straight from Lash Lounge Owners!

*After you’re done reading, stay tuned for even more tips from them next week!

It’s All About the Lash Consultation

  • Getting your perfect lashes is a creative process between you and your stylist as we customize each guest’s look tailored to their eye shape and characteristics.  

Healthy Lashes = Luscious Lashes

  • One key factor in getting the fullest lash look possible with extensions is for your natural lashes to be healthy!   

We Live Lashes

  • We live and breathe lashes. Ask us for tips to increase the health of your natural lashes. We can educate our guests on everything from the process itself, our aftercare products to keep your lashes clean, healthy, and longer lasting to the amazing growth serums we offer. 

Prepping for Your Lash Appointment

  • Give yourself the gift of two hours and allow yourself that full time for your first full set of lashes.
  • When you come, we want to make sure that we have plenty of time for a thorough consultation and explanation of the process, a custom lash design to best highlight your eyes, the time to answer your questions and educate you on the care of your lashes.   

Lash Long With Regular Refills

  • Schedule your refill appointments regularly! In fact, ask us about our membership program, which will save you money on regular refills and make sure you’re always looking and feeling your best!
  • Follow-up refill appointments are usually an hour, which gives you the chance to check in with your stylist regarding any questions or changes to your design. In both cases, there is always time for a quick lash nap!

Get More Out of Your Lash Service With Clean Lashes

  • We do encourage our guests come to their appointment with clean lashes, however we know everyone leads busy lives and often come directly from work. So when possible, arrive with clean lashes, you’ll see why this is so important next…
  • A clean lash line allows us to spend more time applying lashes than cleaning residue that has built up between visits. This will also improve your lash retention level since we will have a clean lash pallet to apply your new extensions. 

Sink into The Lash Lounge

  • Since applying lash extensions is a detailed process, we recommend lying down and sinking into some quality relaxation time; those phone calls and texts can wait!
  • Stillness is the name of the game. If you try to talk or open your eyes during your appointment, your stylist could have difficulty isolating your natural lash and applying the extension properly, and the gel pad under your eyes can possibly move out of place. Working together, your stylist will be able to get your lashes as full as possible!

Check out Part 2, where we’re sharing more tips you won’t want to miss!



Tips & Tricks

6 Ways to Transform the Usual Smoky Eye

One of the easiest ways to glam up any look  is with a great smoky eye. Consider stepping outside of the box this holiday season and try one of these unique looks below to transform the usual smoky eye into a show stopping look.

Emerald Smoky Eyes

Instead of making a statement with the usual red lip, make one with a bold smoky eye, but in green. The perfect green eyeshadow paired with volume lashes will make any holiday look pop, just as we see below on actress and singer, Lucy Hale.

(image via

Smoky Wings

Bringing the smoky shadow out along the corners of each eyelid gives an even more dramatic, smokier look with a sultry wing effect, which is sure to take your holiday glam game up a notch! Just see how fabulous this look is on model, Bella Hadid.

(image via

Subtly Smoky

Because sometimes less IS more, we love the idea of a subtle smoky eye, as seen below on Eiza González. A faint eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer is the way to go to achieve this elegant look.

(image via

Smoky Gold

A gilded smoky eye never looked so good, just as we see below on Nicole Richie who completed her look with classic, full lashes. Try ‘going for the gold’ this season and select a shadow with a shimmery gold tone and try this look for yourself!

(image via

Smoke ‘n Glitter

A smoky eye should never be limited to only dark gray shades, but can work beautifully when glittery, warm tones are used. Just see how fabulous Emma Stone’s eyes look! We also really love how the smoky look was not just applied to her top lid, but also underneath along her lower lash line for an even more sultry look. #bowchicawowwow

(image via

Blue Smoky Eyes

Try taking the usual smoky eye up a notch by accenting the look with a pop of blue in the inner corners, just as Kelly Rowland did. Then of course, her lashes complete the look with the perfect amount of length and curl.

(image via

Want to see more beauty looks and ideas to rock this holiday season? Click here!

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What Guests Can Expect When They Visit The Lash…

If you have ever been thinking about visiting a place of business whether it’s a salon, spa, restaurant … anywhere, there’s always that question of “what can I expect?” Today on the TLL blog we’re sharing what you can expect at The Lash Lounge, from the atmosphere itself to after your first lash extension application.


  • From the moment you walk through the doors to the moment you leave, you will enjoy a beautiful and inviting spa-like atmosphere.
  • The signature Lash Lounge colors blend beautifully throughout the salon from the front desk and guest area to the service areas themselves.
  • The plush blankets found on each bed adds a welcoming touch and creates an atmosphere where guests instantly know they can relax and feel pampered.


  • At your first appointment for lash extensions, you will receive a personalized consultation with a trained stylist who will talk to you about the different lash looks, and show you different style and curl options.
  • Your stylist will also determine the length and density your natural lashes will be able to sustain.
  • Be prepared to answer some questions about your current beauty routine, allergies, etc.

Pre-Application Process

  • Once you and your stylist have determined your desired lash style, you are ready to lie down and relax.
  • Keep in mind that the first session for lash extensions can take approximately 90 minutes (or more) and you will have your eyes closed during that time.
  • Your stylist will apply tape and an eye pad under each eye. Why are they applying tape and eye pads? This helps keep the top lash line and bottom lash line separated during the service, which makes your top lashes more visible to your stylist.


  • The application process itself begins by your stylist adhering one synthetic lash extension to one of your natural lashes with medical grade adhesive.
  • During the application, you will feel a very light touch to your lashes, which can feel like your lashes are occasionally being brushed … this is very relaxing!
  • While your stylist is working her lash magic, this is the time for you to just relax and take one of those dreamy lash naps you’ve been hearing all about!

End of Application + Results

  • When the application is complete, your stylist will observe your lashes and check to ensure they are symmetrical and full.
  • To speed up the drying process of the adhesive and curing your lashes immediately, your stylist may use a small blower. This will feel like a cool breeze on your eyes for just a few seconds.
  • When the application is complete, the tape and eye pads under your eyes will gently be removed. And now, drum roll please … it’s time to look at your luxurious, new lashes!

After Care

  • After your application, your stylist will share a few of the best ways to take care of your lashes and products to use to keep your lashes looking beautiful.
  • To keep your lashes looking full and fabulous, schedule a refill appointment within 2-3 weeks. A typical refill takes about an hour, so it’s a shorter process than your first application but still the perfect time for you to relax!

Our passion for lashes drives who we are and what we do. We are dedicated to providing the best Lash Lounge experience and want our guests to feel confident and cared for.


(photos courtesy of The Lash Lounge Memorial Green.)