Does Vaseline Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

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  • August 8th, 2022
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Is Vaseline Good for Your Eyelashes?

Looking for a way to help your eyelashes grow longer? Vaseline may not be the answer but using it on your lash line can provide other benefits.

See our expert tips so you can promote eyelash growth and attain all your lash goals! 😍

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What Does Vaseline Do for Your Eyelashes?

Although Vaseline does not make your eyelashes grow longer, it can help to keep your lashes hydrated by locking in moisture and, in turn, preventing lash breakage. Vaseline is very gentle and when applied to your eyelid can often make your lashes appear thicker.

TIP: If you choose to use Vaseline on your natural eyelashes (never with lash extensions!), be sure to apply it after you have thoroughly washed your hands and your face. This decreases the chance of dirt or bacteria becoming trapped in your lashes, which could result in a skin reaction, breakout or infection.

An easier way to get the appearance of thicker lashes is to get a lash tint! Better yet, combine a lash tint with a lash lift so your lashes look fuller AND longer for up to eight weeks!

What to Put on Your Eyelashes to Make Them Grow

You may have heard that certain oils or ingredients are the “KEY” to helping your eyelashes grow. We’re here to debunk the myths and reveal what actually can result in longer lashes.

See these commonly asked questions related to lash growth:

Does castor oil help eyelashes grow? No. While castor oil does contain fatty acids that are nourishing for your skin, it does not contribute to lash growth.
Does coconut oil help eyelashes grow? Yes. When applied moderately to your natural lashes, coconut oil can stimulate lash growth.
Does olive oil help eyelashes grow? Yes. When you lightly apply olive oil to your lash line (before bed is recommended), it naturally moisturizes your lashes overnight and can help them grow.
Does a lash serum help eyelashes grow? Absolutely! Using a lash serum is the most reliable way to promote lash growth and see the best results. Looking for one to try? neuLASH PROFESSIONAL™ is our go-to lash serum and is available for purchase at your local Lash Lounge salon.

REMEMBER: If you have lash extensions, Vaseline and oils should NOT be used because they can break the adhesive bond and cause the extensions to detach from your natural lashes. Instead, ask your stylist about ways to promote lash growth with eyelash extensions.

How to Grow Your Eyelashes Naturally

If you want your natural eyelashes to grow longer and stay that way, the best way to achieve this is by cleaning, brushing and taking care of your lashes. Using a lash serum, coconut oil or olive oil can give your lash line that extra little push to help them grow. You can also supplement your diet with superfoods to make sure your lashes (and hair) receive all the nutrients they need to stay healthy!

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