How to Actually Make Your Eyelashes Longer

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  • January 3rd, 2022
young woman with a ponytail using a round cotton pad to clean her eyelashes

Have you ever used a photo filter on your Instagram story that made your lashes look luxuriously full and fluffy? Did you then wonder how you could make your natural eyelashes look longer in real life? If you have, you’re in luck because we’ve collected tips and tricks from the professionals about how to make your eyelashes look longer without mascara, so you don’t have to, well, bat an eyelash!

Healthy Eyelashes = Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes are delicate, and we put them through the wringer with rigorous rubbing, curling, and pulling. Taking care of your natural eyelashes the right way can lead to longer lashes. Try this simple rule of thumb: Give your lashes the same TLC you give your skin – that includes cleaning, washing and nourishing.

Use our tips to clean, brush and moisturize your way to longer, natural eyelashes.

Clean Your Lashes

The first step to lux lashes is to keep them clean and free from makeup debris. Every night, take your eye makeup off before bed with cleansers that are gentle and safe to use on your eyes. You can easily remove dirt and makeup with something soft like a cloth or facial sponge before washing your face at night.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing your natural lashes daily is always a good practice to keep them looking fresh and to eliminate buildup that has accumulated on your lash line. Think you know the correct way to give them a gentle comb through?  See our tips on how to properly comb your lashes with (or without) a disposable lash wand. As for when you should brush them, we recommend doing this first thing in the morning to give your lashes a refresh after a good night’s rest.

Moisturize Your Lashes

It’s no secret that our bodies need moisture from the inside and out to keep us healthy and hydrated. Drinking plenty of water always works wonders for your skin and is also great for (you guessed it!) your eyelashes. Applying moisture to your lashes will keep them plump and rejuvenated, as well. One of our favorite methods is to melt coconut oil in the microwave, dip a clean mascara wand into the warm mixture (after it has cooled down a bit) and then apply it to your lashes for a soothing treatment. Olive oil is another natural moisturizing method that can stimulate lash growth. Drizzle some olive oil on a cotton round and gently dab it along your lash line before bed.

Just remember that these tips are for those without eyelash extensions. Any products that contain oil are always a “no-no” when it comes to lash extensions.

For another, even more effective way to promote lash growth, try a lash serum! The right serum can work wonders…we’re talking even more results than using those oil-based items found in your kitchen. The lash serum we love most and recommend here at The Lash Lounge is neuLASH PROFESSIONAL™. This sensational serum will enhance the appearance of your natural lashes by conditioning them to make them look stronger, fuller and healthier for an overall lustrous lash look.

salmon and superfoods for eyelash growth

Feed Your Lashes (with Superfoods)

Vitamin E, fatty acids, and amino acids are essential to maintaining hair and eyelash health as well as stimulating your overall hair growth. Adding superfoods to your diet is another brilliant way to fight off hair growth inhibitors, like stress. Sure, you could also take supplements that contain essential growth nutrients, but we’ll take a piece of grilled salmon with a sweet potato on the side over a capsule any day! Wouldn’t you?

Feast your eyes on more foods that can fuel your lashes: Promote Hair and Lash Growth with These 7 Superfoods

How to Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer, Instantly

Spoiler: The at-home remedies we’ve listed are great, but they won’t produce drastic changes overnight. If you’re more of the instant gratification type, consider a lash lift and tint. When combined, both services provide an excellent solution to receiving no-maintenance curl and carefree color without mascara or lash extensions. 🙌🏼 But if you REALLY want instant, gorgeous results and that lash look you’ve been dreaming of for ages, then consider getting eyelash extensions! When applied by a trained stylist like we have in our salons, your natural lashes can be customized to fit you, your natural lash line, your eye shape and your lifestyle.

Ready to set up a consultation? Contact your local Lash Lounge! We’re always here for all your lash needs, from promoting lash growth, educating you on lash health and of course, customizing a lash look all your own!