How to Remove Mascara Stains from Your Life

  • Published
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  • December 28th, 2022
woman's hand holding a mascara wand near her white shirt with mascara stain

Oh no, not again. You hold your breath and pretend you didn’t just drop your loaded mascara wand on your favorite shirt. Right before you were about to leave the house, no less! Mascara stains are a real bummer, so we’re here to help with tips for how to get them out of clothing, pillowcases, towels and anywhere else it decides to leave its mark.

How to Remove Mascara Stains From Clothes

It’s important to note that water-based mascaras (like we carry here at The Lash Lounge) are easier to remove from fabric than oil-based mascaras because they are free of added oils and chemicals.

Not 100% sure which kind of mascara you have? Usually, you will see this info listed on the packaging. But if you use oil-based mascaras, have no fear! We’ve got tips for both. 😉

When spilling any makeup, mascara included, the first thing you want to do is scrape off the excess makeup with something like a spoon. We know the first instinct is to grab those trusty paper towels, but DON’T do it! This will further smear the makeup into the clothing. 👎🏼

After removing excess makeup from the fabric, try one of these methods:

  • Makeup Remover Cloth – Believe it or not, a handy makeup remover wipe is also useful for removing mascara from your clothing! After you’ve removed excess makeup from the area, gently rub the cloth wipe over the stain until it’s gone. This method works best for water-based mascaras.
  • Dish Soap – The trick to removing oil-based mascara can be found right under your kitchen sink. Dab some grease-fighting dish soap on the stained area, rub the stain under warm water (which will get most of it out) and then throw the item in the washing machine. Always air-dry, otherwise the remaining stain will set in the dryer.
  • Stain Remover – If the stain is a stubborn one, try using a stain remover. Spray the spot and let it sit for 15 minutes (or the time instructed on the bottle) before gently blotting.
white towel rack with fresh white towels neatly hanging

How to Remove Mascara Stains From Pillowcases

Pillowcases also fall victim to accidental encounters with messy mascara. However, if you follow the 6 simple steps below, your trusty pillowcase can become as good as new again!

Before spot-cleaning pillowcases and sheets, look at the care tag to ensure the cleaning solutions you’re about to use aren’t going to leave an even bigger stain. (Better safe than sorry!)

  1. Dilute dish soap in water (two-parts soap to one-part water).
  2. Dampen a microfiber cloth in the solution and use it to blot the affected area.
  3. Don’t rub; just continue to blot until you’ve gotten up as much as you can.
  4. Rinse the stained area with cold water and then throw the pillowcase in the washing machine.
  5. Hang it up to air-dry.

How to Remove Mascara Stains From Towels

If you’ve stained your beautiful white towels, here’s how to bring them back to vibrancy:

  1. Select an oxygen-based bleach.
  2. Mix cool water with bleach. Follow package details for appropriate bleach-to-water ratio.
  3. Submerge the towel in the solution for eight hours (or as directed).
  4. Wash as usual in the washing machine.

If it’s a colorful towel you’re working on, skip the bleach and simply soak the towel in cold water for eight hours before washing!

Say Goodbye to Mascara Forever

Mascara stains can be a real drag, but The Lash Lounge is here for you!

Schedule a consultation to discuss how a lash lift and tint or custom eyelash extensions can make your lashes look more lush, bold and perky—all without a stitch of mascara. You will enjoy a new life with maintenance-free lashes, and you’ll love the fact that you no longer have to apply or wear mascara. Finally, you’ll have stain-free clothes, pillowcases, bath towels and more. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?