Customize Your Local Membership

Our lash memberships are created with SO many benefits and options. Our goal: to help you achieve your lash dreams with the perfect membership option for your lash goals, schedule and budget.

It’s simple—keep your lashes looking lovely for less by becoming a member!

Lash Fills Made Easy With Membership

Our convenient lash memberships allow you to get your lash fill appointments on the books at our exclusive members-only prices. Once your appointment is scheduled, you know you have some “me time” to look forward to. Regular relaxation at The Lash Lounge means you’ll look AND feel your best!

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Not only does your membership make lash extension upkeep simple, but your brows and lashes will benefit from products and services that keep them looking gorgeous in between appointments and beyond! Make your lash and brow maintenance a priority and we know you’ll LOVE the confidence they bring you every day.

Lash Memberships for Your Custom Look

"Classic: Level 2" lash extensions from The Lash Lounge.


We attach one lash extension to your natural eyelash. It’s simple, clean and vibrant. It’s the application that most mimics the look and feel of natural lashes.

"Hybrid: Level 2" lash extensions from The Lash Lounge.


We beautifully combine classic and volume lashes across your lash line for the perfect blend of fullness and texture.

"Hybrid: Level 2" lash extensions from The Lash Lounge.


We attach an ultra-light fan of 2–6 lash extensions to your natural eyelash for a full, bold, impactful look.

Mega volume lash extensions from The Lash Lounge.

Mega Volume

We apply a fan of 7–20 of our lightest lash extensions to your natural eyelash, giving you the biggest possible wow factor! Think: red carpet, lush and loud!

*Mega volume available at select salons only.

Our Guests LOVE Their Memberships


Went to check them out after a not-so-great experience with another company and was so pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so kind, and my technician Emily did a great job on my lashes and explained everything to me. I liked it so much I signed up for a membership and will definitely be back!

— Laura D. 


The Lash Lounge is very professional! All the staff are well informed, and they were able to answer all my questions. First time coming, and most definitely NOT my last. Amanda was great, she made me feel comfortable. They have a membership plan which is extraordinary, definitely recommend!

— Rachel V. 


Every time I’ve tried a new lash salon/artist, I end up deciding to go back to my membership at The Lash Lounge because it offers the most benefit for price and the price is 100% worth the services offered. The salon quality and stylists are equally exceptional and never disappoint!

— Jayla G. 


I was visiting friends and since I’m a Lash Lounge member I can go to any location. It was a great experience. I feel more put together when I have my lashes done. I love having a membership with Lash Lounge. Since I travel a lot for work, I can pop into a shop in whatever city I am in.

— Sara M. 

Love Your Eyelash Extension Membership, Your Way

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Enjoy two discounted refills each month.

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Three refill credits can be used for a full set!

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All other services and products are discounted at 10% off.

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Our membership is billed monthly with no long-term contract.

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Need to take a break? No worries, you can pause your membership at any time!

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Give your lashes some TLC on your next vacation.

The benefits just keep coming! With our month-to-month memberships, you can try a membership with no long-term commitment* and see for yourself why so many guests have joined our lash family.

*Members may cancel their membership with 30 days’ notice and may carry over their credits for an additional 60 days following cancellation.

Prioritize Your Lash Look

You deserve to wake up feeling confident and beautiful! Our custom membership options make lash upkeep simple AND fit your schedule and budget. Get ready to enjoy discounted services, products and lovely lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer: Yes! Your membership at The Lash Lounge makes it easy to keep up with lash fill appointments so your extensions always look FAB. Plus, you’ll benefit from discounted products and services. Try all that our salons have to offer while saving along the way.

Membership costs vary based on your local salon and the membership option you choose. To see the prices and savings for each membership package at your salon check out your local Memberships page!

To get started with the best membership for your lash goals, contact a Lash Lounge near you. Your local team of lash professionals will help you choose the perfect option for your needs and become a member!

Yes! Each of our 100+ salons offer memberships! Not only does this make it easy for you, but this also means there are salons you can visit during your travels where you can use your service + product discounts and lash fill credits!

Membership Terms and Conditions: Memberships include 2 refills per month of either classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume eyelash extensions depending on the membership type selected. All pricing above reflects services with a regular stylist, with the option to upgrade to a senior or master stylist applicable at participating salons. Members are permitted to upgrade to a different application type at an appointment for an additional fee paid at the time of service. If this new look is a better fit, members are permitted to upgrade to a different membership type for an additional recurring membership fee. Membership fees cannot be redeemed for other services offered at The Lash Lounge; however, members do receive a 10% discount on products and any other services or upgrades with fees paid at the time of service. 3 refill credits, if accrued, can be used for the application of another full set of classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume lashes depending on membership type; however, members are encouraged to use their refills as designed in order to maintain the appearance and health of their lashes. Members may cancel their membership with 30 days’ notice and may carry over their credits for an additional 60 days following cancellation. Salon of membership origin determines membership pricing and canceled memberships cannot be renewed as “founding memberships” at a different salon. As our salons are all independently owned and operated and prices (including monthly membership fees) vary by location, members are responsible for the price difference of services between salons at the time of service.