Eyelash Extensions as Unique as You Are!

At The Lash Lounge, we’re all about customization. Instead of picking through a menu of four static lash extension looks like you would at a typical salon, our expert stylists work with you to build a unique, customized look. Each lash look is made up of many different elements that produce the highest-quality possible final design.

What Are the Different Types of Lash Extensions?

At The Lash Lounge, we use the highest-quality lash extensions to create your custom look. Our lash extensions are made from a premium synthetic material that undergoes a double heat-roll process to ensure a consistent, long-lasting curl.

Custom Lash Extension Styles

Before you lie back for your first full set, you’ll meet with your stylist in a 1:1 design consultation. During your consultation, you’ll discuss your vision and lash goals. Your custom look will begin with your desired application method. You’ll then select your lash level and lash curl. Your stylist will personalize your extension lengths, thicknesses and placements to complement your eye shape.

Woman taking selfie of extreme eyelash extensions from The Lash Lounge

Custom Lash Extension Designs

There are four key steps to creating a custom lash look. During your consultation, your stylist will introduce you to each step and available customizations through the Lash Catalog.

  1. Application Method: The foundation of your lash look. This determines how your extensions will be applied across the lash line.
  2. Lash Level: Select between fullness levels 1–3: level 1 (full), level 2 (fuller), or level 3 (fullest).
  3. Lash Curl: Select your desired lash extension curl.
  4. Finishing Touches: After assessing the strength, length and density of your natural eyelashes, your stylist will make recommendations for extension lengths and thicknesses that are safe for your natural lashes, complement your eyes and accentuate your natural beauty.
Stylist taking a guest through different types of eyelash extensions in the Lash Catalog at The Lash Lounge.

Once your lash consultation is complete, it’s time to sit back and relax. The process is pain-free and so relaxing that many guests catch some z’s in lash nap dreamland. Using our exclusive lash design technique, your stylist will use your natural features to inspire and personalize extension placement and texture across your lash line.

The Lash Plan

Recreate your custom lash look during your next appointment. Ask your stylist for your personalized “Lash Plan” that documents all lash customizations and their recommendations for products for proper upkeep! This makes it simple to recreate your look at your next appointment at The Lash Lounge.

Find Classic, Glamorous and Natural Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Our custom design consultation was created to help you build your perfect look. Whether you are searching for classic eyelash extensions to subtly enhance your natural lashes or more extreme, showstopping eyelash extensions, our lash stylists will help you create your custom dream lash look. Contact your local Lash Lounge to schedule an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your customized lashes are created from your choices in the following categories paired with your stylist’s professional selections of safe lengths, thicknesses and placements across your lash line:

1. Application method or foundation building: Classic application (simple, clean and vibrant that most mimics the look and feel of natural lashes), volume application (full, luscious, bold and dramatic), hybrid application (a combination of classic and volume applications) or mega volume application (big, loud, lush, red carpet-like).

2. Lash level: Level 1 Lash Level (full), Level 2 lashes (fuller), Level 3 eyelash extensions (fullest).The higher the level you select, the more natural eyelashes your stylist will lash.

3. Lash curl: C curl lashes (natural look) or D curl lashes (dramatic look).

At The Lash Lounge, there are thousands of combinations possible to achieve your personal lash extension style.

Not sure which type of lash extensions are right for you? Our stylists are trained in customizing lash extensions to help you achieve the perfect look with the most beautiful, quality lashes. During your consultation appointment, your stylist will walk you through each step in the customization process, making safe recommendations based on your natural lashes’ health.

The best lash extensions are those that are professionally made, applied, maintained and custom-designed to fit your aesthetic by licensed, certified professionals who put your lash health first. Work with your Lash Lounge stylist to design lashes you love!