Wispy Lash Extensions vs. Classic, Hybrid and Volume

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Considering wispy lash extensions but wondering how they compare to other applications? We’re breaking down the differences!

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Wispy Lash Extensions (AKA Spiky Lashes at The Lash Lounge)

If you tend to gravitate toward a wispy lash look, then you’re in luck! Our NEW spiky lashes supply the same effect and look of WISPY LASHES. In fact, spiky lashes are often referred to as “wispy”. (Did you know that?!? 😮)

When you get spiky lashes at The Lash Lounge, you’re getting a lash line full of dimension. This is thanks to the special way the extensions are applied to achieve the look of wispy natural lash extensions.

The spiked lashes range from 8-13 mm in length and are  are dispersed across your lash line against traditional volume fans to add height, giving you a gorgeous wispy lash look to L.O.V.E!

Wispy Lash Extensions VS Full Classic Lash Extensions

When it comes to lash styles, is a full lash line of classic eyelash extensions your jam? If it is, we congratulate you on loving this timeless application 👏 many do!  However, if you’re thinking wispy lash extensions may be similar to classis lash extension types, we’ll let you down easy… that’s not the case.

Here’s why:

  • Our classic lash application here at The Lash Lounge involves attaching one extension to a single natural lash.
  • With our spiky lash style (aka wispy lashes), our volume application is used which includes attaching a single fan of up to 6 lashes onto a single lash.
    • (See the difference between classic and spiky now?)
    • This multi-lash fan not only supplies more than the single lash extension used in the classic application, but it’s the mixture of both open and closed volume fans that creates a wispy look.

To sum it up, if a very natural lash look is your style, then we suggest you stick with classic. If you like the idea of various dimensions across your lash line, then select spiky lashes at The Lash Lounge to win in the wispy lash look department! 😉

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Can Hybrid Lashes Be Wispy?

Here’s the 4-1-1 on our hybrid lash application and a wispy look:

  • Hybrid lashes from The Lash Lounge are a combination of both our classic and volume applications.
    • Learn more about the difference between our lash applications
  • Due to this, the wispy lash look cannot be achieved by getting hybrid lash extensions.
    • This is because our spiky lashes (for achieving a wispy look), includes our volume application.

But don’t fret! Wispy lashes can be more than a wish if you can lean into the idea of going for volume.

Read how! ⤵️


Wispy and Volume Lash Styles

Like we mentioned above, when you go with our spiky lash application to achieve a wispy natural lash extension look, our volume application will be in the mix.

Already have a volume full set? You’re halfway there to getting the wispy look. 🙌 Just “spike it up” a bit (like what we did there?) and go for spiky lashes to get even more TEXTURE and LENGTH to your already voluminous lash line.


Our spiky lash application is available in level 2 and 3 only. Chat with your stylist during your appointment to learn more and to see the difference in looks between the two levels in our Lash Catalog!

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Wispy Lashes for The Win!

Looking for a way to spice up your current lash extension look? Or is it that you’re completely drawn to wispy lash extensions for a truly dynamic appearance? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Wherever you fall, spiky lashes from yours truly are calling YOUR name!