What Is a Certified Lash Technician?

  • Published
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  • August 8th, 2022
lash stylist applying eyelash extensions on a guest at The Lash Lounge

Ever wondered what it means to be a certified lash technician? Get the details about this rewarding occupation that’s in high demand in the eyelash extension industry.

What Being a Certified Lash Technician Means at The Lash Lounge

To work as a lash technician at our salons, stylists must be certified on The Lash Lounge’s exclusive lash design technique, created by our incredible founder, Anna Phillips. To do this, they must satisfy both of the following criteria:

1. Must apply to The Lash Lounge having with either an esthetics or cosmetology license (the license requirement to perform eyelash extensions varies by state).
2. Must complete The Lash Lounge’s comprehensive, proprietary training program, including virtual and in-person education, followed by practical service application requirements for service quality and speed.

When a guest visits The Lash Lounge, they can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands and that their technician has been Lash Lounge-certified to apply lash extensions.

Lash Lounge stylist, Bianca, smiling in the front area of the salon.

The Perks of Being a Lash Lounge Stylist

After a stylist has completed their complimentary training (a huge perk that comes with working at our salons!) and has been assessed on the exclusive techniques and skills they’ve learned, they receive an official certification from The Lash Lounge. (Best. Day. Ever! 🎉) This certification not only means that they have successfully learned how to apply lash extensions, but it means they have learned this craft The Lash Lounge way! The certification our stylists earn is top-notch and unlike any other in the industry thanks to the detail-oriented trainers who constantly strive to make Lash Lounge stylists the BEST in the biz!

But why is working for The Lash Lounge extra special? We have a long list, but here are some of the key reasons: ⬇️
• Continued education is always offered
• Stylists are taught the pillars of guest care
• A focus on health and safety for both stylists and guests is always a top priority
• Stylists are trained on our customizable consultation process
• Lash Lounge stylists are competitively paid
• Proprietary training materials and tutorials are available 24/7
• We have a special community and forum where Lash Lounge stylists from across the country can chat, ask questions and support each other

The list goes on and on!

Lash Techs: Give Your Skills a Makeover with a Career and Certification at The Lash Lounge

If you’re already in the lash extensions business and looking to further your career and skillset, you can do just that at The Lash Lounge!

We take great pride in our team of talented corporate lash trainers that perform in-house training. This training is hands-on, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail for not just the lash extensions application process but all of the services we provide. From our exclusive application methods to the importance of guest care before, during and after the service, our lash technicians truly shine thanks to the certification and continued education they receive at The Lash Lounge.

Certification Opportunities Await at The Lash Lounge

If you’re an esthetician, cosmetologist or you are in the process of obtaining one of these valuable licenses to work as a lash technician, certification opportunities are ready and waiting for you at our salons. We cannot wait to meet you and help you reach your all of your lash and career goals!

Once hired, if a stylist has any other previous industry certifications, we commend them for their hard work and knowledge in their craft.