Is Being a Lash Technician Worth It?

  • Published
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  • January 3rd, 2022
A lash technician holding a knee pillow smiles at a Lash Lounge guest.

An ideal work environment should embrace individuality, wellness, creativity and community. Being a lash technician has the potential to check all those boxes! ☑️ You just need to find the right opportunity.

At The Lash Lounge, we want our employees to be happy AND successful, so we foster a positive work culture—and it shows!

Being a lash technician in our community is worth it because:

  • Your workplace feels like a second home
  • You get top-notch training
  • You’re competitively paid
  • You can express yourself through your craft
  • You get the rewarding experience of making people feel more confident about themselves
  • You have a wide networking forum to support you as you improve your skills and grow your career

We can’t think of a better work environment! 😉

FAQs About Being a Lash Technician

As you consider a career in this welcoming industry, let’s cover a few questions you may have.

How Can You Be a Good Lash Technician?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling motivated to improve yourself, which means you’re on your way to becoming a great lash technician! The path may seem long, but you’ll soon be putting those incredible skills to work.

Another thing that creates a wonderful lash technician: training! At our salons, we know that training is key to becoming the best lash stylist you can be!

With quality, proprietary training (like we offer), determination, passion AND unwavering support along the way, our stylists are bound to be a GREAT success. 😍

Lash Lounge stylists THRIVE because they:

  • Practice, practice, practice! Training is taken seriously and our stylists never stop learning. When it comes to our lash and brow services, practice really does make perfect!
  • Listen to guests’ needs. Our stylists understand the needs of their guests’, which allows them to create custom lash and brow looks every. single. day!
  • Collaborate with the team. A powerful way to learn new skills is by learning from others. Stylists at The Lash Lounge observe each other daily and are not afraid to ask questions or try new techniques.
  • Never stop learning. A great lash business constantly evolves and learns to stay current when it comes to industry trends. Learning the latest techniques and improving skills is always happening at our salons.

The best lash technicians are determined, creative and inspiring. But it all starts with training and our training program will help you achieve your goals.

Do You Need a License to Be a Lash Technician?

To work at The Lash Lounge,  a relevant certification is required before a stylist begins training. What kind of certification? A cosmetology license, an esthetician license or an eyelash extension specialty license is what you will need if you want to pursue a career inside one of our salons. It’s our goal to make sure our stylists feel comfortable and well-prepared before they begin working with guests.

Note: Some states require certifications, and some do not—so it’s always a good idea to check on what’s required in your area.

How Long Does It Take to Be a Lash Technician?

Depending on the license you choose to acquire (cosmetology or esthetician license), many programs take about a year to complete. However, programs can vary by location and state. Additional training will be required by the salon or employer you go to work for.

The Lash Lounge training program takes approximately 9 (8 hour) days of training and then 4-6 weeks of practice/certification. (If you have previous experience you may be able to complete our certification in a shorter amount of time.)  Our training program includes hands-on coaching as you work to get certified at The Lash Lounge and continues throughout your career at our salons. The best part: training at The Lash Lounge is 100% complimentary for our lash stylists. (It’s awesome, we know!)

Become a Lash Tech at The Lash Lounge

Interested in becoming a lash technician at The Lash Lounge and having a job that fulfills you each and every day? Take the first step and see the career opportunities that are waiting for YOU!