Let Your Skin Win with Our New Skincare Line

Skincare products showing Lint-free wipes and Eye-Rase makeup remover pads from The Lash Lounge

Just as caring for your lashes is always a priority, showing your skin some TLC should be, too! Today, we’re sharing what makes our new skincare line unique from all the rest,  ingredients spotlight included! 🌿

Eye-Rase makeup remover pads skincare product from The Lash Lounge

All Eyes on Our Eye-Rase Makeup Remover Pads

Pre-soaked pads that thoroughly rinse and erase any trace of makeup…yes, please!
Infused with raw shea butter, these eyelash extension-friendly pads can be used on the entire face and gently around the eye area to condition, tone and soothe your skin. Gentle and lint-free, each pad is ultra-soft, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The beauty of this single eye-opening cleansing product is that it’s ONE. SINGLE. product! No more purchasing multiple items like dry facial pads, facial cleanser and eye-makeup remover. Our Eye-Rase Makeup Remover Pads are all in one to make cleansing your skin a cinch!

Sound right up your alley? Just wait until you see how simple it is to use this enriched skincare product that’s oil-free and alcohol-free.

How To Use Our Eye-Rase Makeup Remover Pads

Unlike other products that come with a long list of steps and instructions, our Eye-Rase Makeup Remover Pads are a breeze to use and you don’t have to use multiple pads to get the job done. 🙌🏽 Here are the deets:

  • One pad is often sufficient when removing makeup on your entire face (depending on the amount of makeup you’re erasing), and you can use both sides of the pad if you need to.
  • Use daily to clean around your eyes by simply wiping the pad along the lid line and extend out to cover and cleanse the areas around your eyes.
    TIP! Avoid wiping a pad directly over your lash extensions. Instead, after your makeup removal routine, gently cleansing your lashes with one of our Lash Detox foaming cleansers.

Love Your Skin with Our New Lint-Free Wipes

Just like our Eye-Rase Makeup Remover Pads, our new Lint-Free Wipes are ideal for safely cleansing around your eyes and eyelash extensions because they are:

  • 100% lint-free
  • Soft and gentl
  • Hypoallergenic

These are just a few of the many things we 💟 about them!

Created to pair with a makeup remover or skincare product, these luxurious wipes will not leave any pesky lint or cotton fibers behind on your skin. In fact, they’re ultra-absorbent and easily remove makeup without snagging your lovely lashes, like other wipes often do. 👎🏽

Lint free wipes skincare product from The Lash Lounge

The No-Fuss Way to Use Our Lint-Free Wipes

Simple, quick and effective is the name of our skincare game and our new Lint-Free Wipes are sure to get the job done. See how easy they are to use:

1. Apply your desired makeup remover (or other skincare product) directly onto a single wipe.

2. Gently wipe along the area of the skin you want to cleanse.

3. Dispose of the wipe after a single use.

4. Voilà! Squeaky clean skin has never been easier to achieve!

TIP! These wipes work great with any of our cleansers and may also be used with other skincare and cosmetic products.

Exceptional Skincare from The Lash Lounge

Skip dishing out extra dollars on multiple products and, instead, purchase these skincare must-haves from a Lash Lounge near you.

Not only will you be using safe products near your beloved lash extensions, but you’ll be giving your skin a nourishing, enriching and soothing experience—a total WIN!