4 Things to Do Before Your Next Lash Refill

  • Published
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  • January 19th, 2022
Interior of The Lash Lounge salon service area where eyelash extensions near me are applied

Counting down the days till your next lash refill? Make the most of your appointment by doing these 4 things before your Lash Lounge visit!

From keeping your lash extensions clean and cared for to prepping yourself for a relaxing experience, these tips will make such a difference! Here we go…

Close-up of Lash Lounge guest with eyes closed as her lash stylist cleans her lash extensions

#1: Keep Up With Your Lash Cleansing Routine

We’re always an advocate for keeping your lashes clean and healthy, but this is particularly important between lash refills. Why? When you keep your lashes clean, you’re keeping them in the best condition possible.

Lash Lounge guests: This. is. HUGE! When you do your part and practice proper lash aftercare, your lash refill appointments will be focused on what they’re meant for: filling your lash line. You’ll be happy, your lashes will look full and fabulous AND you’ll get an A+++ from your lash stylist! In other words: it’s a win-win for all! 🎉

#2: Think About Whether You Want to Change Up Your Lash Look

Before your lash refill visit, ask yourself a couple questions:

If you’re 💯 percent happy with your current lash extension look and don’t want to change a thing, that’s wonderful. If you ask yourself the questions above and find yourself lash-dreaming, that’s wonderful, too! At your appointment, chat with your stylist about the updated look you have in mind. And if you’re a visual person, head to The Lash Lounge’s Instagram page to see a variety of lash looks to save and show to your stylist. Together, the two of you will be able to determine and customize your new look!

Black woman with lash extensions looking out window with a cup of coffee in her hand

#3: Avoid Drinking Too Much Water and Caffeine

Why do we recommend that you avoid chugging H20 or indulging in your favorite caffeine-fueled beverage before your appointment?


Staying put and keeping still
makes for a smooth lash refill!

(Like what we did there?!? 😉 😂)

All kidding aside, we know things happen. If you need a restroom break, you got it! But if we had our wish, you’d stay snug on our lash bed during your appointment.

(Fact: Most guests DO stay put once they sink down and relax!)

When it comes to caffeine, we know you enjoy a nice cola or coffee drink from time to time. But when you’re hyped up on caffeine, you may not be able to relax, stay still OR your eyes may flutter a bit while they’re closed…which means shifty business as your stylist is trying to work her lash magic. Our suggestion: treat yourself to a caffeinated treat AFTER your lash fill. ☕

#4: Prepare to Relax (The Lash Lounge is Your Self-Care Sanctuary!)

When your lash refill day arrives, prepare to do the following so you can RELAX and make the most of your self-care time!

  • Wear comfy clothes (hello, yoga pants!) 🙌🏽
  • Put that phone on snooze (lash naps are the best when they’re not interrupted!) 💤
  • Bring your earbuds so you can tune in to your favorite podcast or music. (Looking for some good tunes? Check out our playlist!) 🎧

Lash Refills at The Lash Lounge

Whether it’s your first lash refill or your 500th, we want The Lash Lounge to be a relaxing retreat for you at every visit. Your lash line and your self-care bucket will BOTH get a much-needed fill!