How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

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  • January 3rd, 2022
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How long do lash extensions really last? We’ve got the 4-1-1 on lash longevity, plus expert eyelash aftercare tips.

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That First Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

When that divine day arrives and you get your customized first full set of eyelash extensions, it’s THE BEST! You’ll love the results and you will get to enjoy that fresh and full lash line without the hassle of wearing mascara!

You’ll also love that your new lashes will only require minor maintenance before it’s time for a lash refresh. But exactly how long will your lash extensions last? 🤔

How Long Lash Extensions Really Last

Did you know that approximately 20–30% of our natural eyelashes shed every couple weeks? This natural process still occurs when you have lash extensions, which means when a natural lash sheds, the extension goes with it.

This is why we recommend our guests return to the salon for a lash refill every 2 weeks. 🗓️ During a routine refill appointment (which takes about 45 minutes to an hour) your stylist will be able to:

• assess your lash line and new lash growth
• replace, refresh and fluff your eyelash extensions for that full lash look you love

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Acing Aftercare to Make Your Lash Extensions Last

To ensure your eyelash extensions stay in tip-top shape, last longer and look their best in between your biweekly refill appointments, acing aftercare is essential. Your lash stylist will also thank you because when you care for your lashes in between appointments, they can focus on filling in your lash line instead of cleaning it up.

Take a look at our top 6 aftercare tips that will keep your extensions and natural lashes healthy and on point:

1. Comb and Fluff: Combing your lashes each day works wonders for your lash extensions by keeping them neat and groomed. On the go? Snag one of our handy lash wands or brushes the next time you’re in. It’s great to have extras to throw in your bag, so you can fluff whenever you want! 👜

2. Cleanse Daily: The simplest way to care for your lashes regularly is to clean them every day. But not any cleansing formula will do! Our new Lash Detox foaming cleansers and our lash brush and barrel are made specifically for gently cleansing lash extensions and can be purchased at your local Lash Lounge. 🛍️

3. Pick Lash Extension-Friendly Products: Items like waterproof mascara, oil- and alcohol-based products, cosmetics and moisturizers applied around the eyes, are things you will want to steer clear of. These products and ingredients are not safe to use near lash extensions because they can weaken or break the adhesive that keeps an extension connected to your natural lash. 🙅🏽

4. Extra Eyelash TLC: Be gentle with your lashes. Refrain from vigorous eye rubbing and protect your eyes while you sleep. When it’s time for bed, our new sleep mask (that’s created specifically for those with lash extensions) will keep your lashes from encountering any friction when you’re snoozing or tossing and turning on your pillow. 🛌🏼

5. Seal and Protect: If you lead an active lifestyle and sweat when exercising, if you’re in a humid climate, or if you swim or partake in water activities, a lash sealant should be your best friend. Our new Lash Armor will give your lashes an extra layer of protection and give you an A+ for awesome aftercare! 💯

6. Keep Up with Regular Lash Refills: Waiting too long between lash refill appointments not only means less full lashes, but it could mean that a full set may be necessary to fix that sparse lash line.  The best thing to do: keep up with those bi-weekly refill appointments! Our memberships are great for locking in your refill visits (at members’-only prices) to best protect the investment you’ve made in your lashes. 😉

Lash Extension Love From The Lash Lounge

Along with customizing beautiful lash looks for you, we love teaching you all about lash extensions—like how long your lash extensions will last. Still got questions? Ask away during your next salon visit!