The Lash Catalog: Our Ultimate Guide to Lash Customization

close up of hands holding swatches of lash examples from The Lash Lounge

Here at The Lash Lounge, we understand that getting lash extensions for the first time can sometimes be a lot to wrap your brain around. But, have no fear— that’s why your expert stylist is here and ready to help! When you come in, your stylist will walk you through a one-on-one lash consultation and will use the handy-dandy new Lash Catalog to help guide the discussion. This will allow you to design the custom lash look that’s 100% right for you!

From choosing your preferred lash curl and type to selecting your application method and lash level, our new Lash Catalog is an incredible guide, just as our corporate trainer, Shelley briefly explains.

How to Use The Lash Catalog

Whether you’re a lash extension veteran or the new kid to lash life at The Lash Lounge, this catalog will help you work with your expert stylist to design lash look completely unique to you! With 4 customizable lash elements and visual representations of each option, designing your own look will be a breeze!

The 4 Customizable Elements of Your Lash Look

During your lash consultation, you’ll collaborate with your stylist to select the 4 customizable elements of your lash look.

You’ll choose your:

  1. Lash curl
  2. Lash type
  3. Application method
  4. Lash level

In The Lash Catalog, each different lash option in each of the 4 categories above is modeled by real women who had their lashes customized. You’ll see stunning, real results in true Lash Lounge style!

Step #1: Choose Your Lash Curl

To ensure guests receive a lasting, lovely curl, our lash extensions undergo a double heat-roll process. With the help of your stylist, you will select the best curl option for your desired lash look and your natural lashes.

There are 3 lash curl options:

C Curl:

This is the softest curl we offer at our salons and is also the “go-to” curl option for guests who want their lashes enhanced yet are looking for a more natural lash look.

D Curl:

For those who have a lively lash style in mind, the D curl is a beautiful option. It is the tightest curl we offer and gives a gorgeous, dynamic appearance. Many guests with a D curl often say they have more of an “awake” look; we all know we need that, right?

L+ Curl:

If you have natural lashes more on the straight side or that point downward, then the L+ curl is calling your name! Time and time again, guests fall in “lash love” with the L+ curl because it gives them the most gorgeous lift!

Step #2: Choose Your Lash Type

Made of premium synthetic material, our lash extensions provide a natural feel and ensure the safety of your natural lashes while giving you a long-lasting look to love. There are 2 lash type options:

Silk Lash Extensions

With silk, you get a bold look, much like a swipe of mascara, with a semi-matte satin finish.

Mink Lash Extensions

For a light, feathery appearance, mink lashes offer a fine taper and semi-gloss, gorgeous finish. As a member, choose between the two for no additional charge!

Step #3: Choose Your Application Method

When it comes to the application method, the choice is yours! This is how we’ll build the foundation of your lash look.

There are 3 (or 4) application method options:


We attach 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash across your lash line. The result? A vibrant, natural look!


For those who desire a luscious look, we attach 1 handmade fan of 2+ lash extensions to your natural eyelash. The result is a stunning, full lash line.


When feeling torn between classic and volume, our hybrid application is the perfect mix! We combine both classic and volume lashes across your lash line, giving you the perfect blend of texture and fullness!

Mega Volume

For salons certified to offer our mega volume lashes, this is the look for maximum fullness. We attach a handmade fan of 6+ of our lightest lash extensions to your natural lash. The final look is bold and show-stopping—no one will be able to look away (in a good way, we promise!).

Step #4: Choose Your Lash Level (Or How Many Natural Eyelashes to Lash)

The last step in The Lash Catalog goes through selecting your lash level, or fullness factor.

Classic, volume and hybrid have 3 different lash level options to choose from:

  • The “natural” level offers a full look
  • The “dramatic” level is fuller
  • The “extreme” level is the fullest.

If you are at a salon that offers our mega volume lashes, our fullest of the full looks, only the “extreme” lash level is available since almost all natural lashes are lashed.

Wrapping Up the Consultation

Once you and your stylist have gone through each step of The Lash Catalog and confirmed your chosen customizations, they’ll tap into our exclusive lash design technique to personalize and complete your look, the Lash Lounge way! They’ll take your unique face shape and eye profile into account when selecting your lash lengths, thicknesses and final placements.

After the consultation, you’ll lie back, take a little lash nap and wait for the grand reveal!

Endless Possibilities at a Lash Lounge Near You

At our salons, the choice is yours. With all the customizations to choose from, there are literally thousands of possible lash looks possible! And now, thanks to The Lash Catalog, you’ll be able to see and select the look that fits you and your lifestyle best!

Ready to collaborate and design a custom lash look 100% unique to you? Find a Lash Lounge in your area, become a member and be on your way to accentuating your natural beauty!