Creating Happiness in The Workplace

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  • December 28th, 2022
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To truly thrive in your career, happiness in the workplace is essential! But how do you create workplace happiness? 🤔 Find out how we do this here at The Lash Lounge.

The Importance of Workplace Happiness

This day and age, happiness in the workplace is SO important. And when we say “workplace,” we’re not just talking about those who make the trek to the office each day. This also includes people who work remotely. Wherever and however you work, environment and culture affect your overall experience.

Why is happiness essential at work?

• Productivity increases.
• The happiness of one employee is contagious.
• People and teams achieve more.
• Happiness leads to creativity. 💡
• Coworker support and camaraderie grows.
• Happiness contributes to the success of the organization as a whole.
• The list goes on!

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How to Create a Happy Workplace

Now that you know some of the top reasons happiness in the workplace is essential, let’s find out how to create it!

Whether you’re a new business or an existing organization, a business owner or staff member, cultivating a happy workplace is possible!

Here’s how:

• Encourage personal goals for yourself and those you work with.
• Hire happy people. 😊
• Show you care.
• Celebrate victories. 🎉
• Listen to others (employees and fellow staff members).
• Encourage work-life balance.
• Champion flexibility (time-shifting, space-shifting, etc.). 🕰️
• Put people first—genuinely care about your team, not just their output.
• Welcome and encourage all ideas!
• Be approachable, accessible and open to collaborative solutions.
• Find inspiration in unusual places.💭
• Encourage vulnerability and provide emotional safety.
• Surround yourself with positive people (not Negative Nancy types 👎🏽).
• Promote a healthy environment (windows for natural light, water station, healthy snacks, quick breaks for fresh air or a short walk, pet-friendly, etc.)

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Experience Workplace Happiness at The Lash Lounge

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