Are Magnetic Lashes Safe?

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 3rd, 2022
close up of hand holding magnetic lashes

Magnetic Eyelashes Vs. Extensions

Ever dreamed of having longer, more voluminous lashes instantly? You’re not alone! But if you’ve thought about trying magnetic eyelashes, think again!

Learn what magnetic lashes are, why they are more trouble than they’re worth, and why they’re NOT safe for your natural lashes.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Like false lash strips, magnetic lashes can be purchased in the beauty section of many stores or online. They often come in a packet with strips for each eye that include tiny magnets used to secure the strips onto your eyelids.

These strips are usually applied above and below your lash line and through your natural lashes. Other brands might come with a special magnetic eyeliner that’s applied to your lash line before applying the lash strips.

Do Magnetic Lashes Ruin Your Real Lashes?

Magnetic lashes might seem like a quick fix for upping your lash game, but they are far from perfect. Why? 🤷🏽

Here’s the scoop:

  • The way the magnets are applied and removed can be harmful to your natural lash line. We’re talking pinching your eyelids and pulling your lashes, causing potential detachment—OUCH!
  • Magnetic lashes often do not fit well, shifting out of place when worn (not a pretty look) or fall off.

Those who decide to wear magnetic lashes need to know that these products may:

  •  break your natural lashes
  • cause your lashes to grow in the wrong direction
  •  pull your natural lashes when they’re removed
  • cause damage to the hair follicles on your lash line
  • result in irritation or an allergic reaction for those with sensitive skin

Simply put, magnetic eyelashes are NOT a safe option. And when compared to lash extensions, they’re very uncomfortable.

Choose Lash Extensions, Not Magnetic Lashes

Anytime you use DIY lashes to enhance your look—whether magnetic lashes, false lash strips or even at-home eyelash extension kits—the product quality is often low. Other issues include not getting a custom fit or look, damage to your natural lashes, and (the biggest bummer) you will not have lasting results like you do with lash extensions.

When it comes to lashes, it’s best to turn to the PROFESSIONALS. At The Lash Lounge, the health and safety of your lashes always comes FIRST! When we apply eyelashes extensions, we use the best quality materials and safest adhesive, including sensitive adhesive for those who may be prone to allergic reactions. We also work with each guest to customize a lash look to fit them, their natural lashes and even their lifestyle.

This attention to detail makes lash extensions over magnetic lashes a NO. BRAINER! 🤯

Can You Wear Magnetic Lashes on Top of Eyelash Extensions?

Applying magnetic lashes on top of your extensions is NOT recommended. We highly discourage this for all the same reasons listed above: Magnetic lashes can pull and detach your natural lashes, which means your beloved eyelash extensions would go, too.  And we know you wouldn’t want that after how much you’ve fallen in love with your custom lash look and the fact that you want to protect the investment you’ve made in them!

If you have eyelash extensions and you’re wishing for a fuller look, discuss the upgrade options with your stylist the next time you’re in the salon for a lash refill.

Get High-Quality Lash Extensions from The Lash Lounge

When it comes to enhancing your lashes and making them look their absolute best, there’s no better place to do that than at The Lash Lounge! Whether you get lash extensions, a lash lift or a lash tint, you’ll walk away with beautiful, custom eyelashes without the fuss or discomfort of temporary options like magnetic lashes.