Dive Into The Latest Trend: Wet Lashes!

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  • June 14th, 2024
mid-shot of woman smiling with wet lashes

These insta-worthy, trendy lashes are captivating, fun and SO unique. We’re giving you all the details on wet lashes and why this style is worth the hype. 🤩 

What are Wet Lashes?  

A traditional set of volume lashes is created with open lash fans across the entire lash line. Wet lashes take volume lashes to the next level! How? Our stylists create the wet lash look by applying closed volume fans that are up to 3 mm longer than your natural lashes. The result? A dewy, fresh-out-of-water look that makes your lashes shimmer and shine! ✨💦

extreme close-up of wet lashes

Is The Wet Lash Look Your Vibe?

Wet lashes create a sleek and glossy appearance, just as if you stepped out of the ocean. 🌊 This style is perfect for:

  • Elegant makeup looks: Wet lash extensions create a soft, feminine appearance that pairs perfectly with your minimalistic makeup! 💜
  • Volume lash lovers: If you usually go for traditional volume lash extensions, we recommend wet lashes for a unique twist! You’ll love how wet lashes add just the right amount of length and texture. 🤩
  • Texture and depth without mascara: Skip your daily mascara routine—this style creates the look of naturally defined and dark lashes. So, you can wake up and go without worrying about smudges or hassle. ✨
  • A youthful, fresh appearance: These lashes will give you a fresh, dewy look that will make your eyes appear awake and vibrant. 🌟
  • Special occasions: Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the beach or attending wedding parties, these versatile lashes will give you a picture-perfect look for any event. ☀️

How Do I Take Care Of My Wet Lashes?

To keep your wet lashes full, healthy and lush for as long as possible, be sure to cleanse them DAILY. For the best-of-the-best products, stock up on our go-to lash aftercare kit at your next appointment.  

To ALWAYS keep them on point, we recommend getting your lashes refilled by our stylists every two weeks! 

Make a Splash with Wet Lashes!

Ready to make waves with wet lashes at The Lash Lounge? Ask for the wet lash look at your next volume full set or refill! Be sure to snap a selfie after and tag us on social. 😉

This style is available at select salons only. Check yours to see if they offer this style: ⬇️