How to Cover Gray Eyebrows

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Fretting over what to do about gray brows ? Don’t! Join us as we share the best option to cover gray eyebrows in a beautiful way thanks to custom brow services we offer here at The Lash Lounge.

What To Do with Gray Eyebrows

Ever asked yourself this: “At what age do eyebrows turn gray?” Here’s the answer: This is different for everyone! Whether it’s the joy of aging (add a bit of sarcasm there 🤪) and your gray hairs are here to stay OR you have gray hairs that are making their debut early due to genetics (thanks mom and dad!), there IS a brow service you can get to cover gray brows. 🙌

It’s brow tinting!

This eyebrow service is a favorite of our guests of all ages and yes, for those who are looking for professional eyebrow color for gray hair.

If you color your hair, then you can think of brow tinting like that… just for your brow hairs. At The Lash Lounge, our brow tinting is performed by a certified stylist that works with 100% safe dyes.. Prior to performing the service, your stylist will work with you to determine the best color to cover the gray hair in your eyebrows. More on this below! ⤵️

How To Choose Eyebrow Color For Gray Hair

Uneasy about choosing the right color for your brows and one that will fully cover those pesky gray hairs? That’s where the expertise of your trained stylist comes in!

Before the tinting service begins, you and your stylist will discuss color options. Here are some things that will be considered so you can choose the best color for your gray brows:

brow tint before and after
  • Are your brows fully white or do you have eyebrows turning white? If both apply to you, a certain shade may be needed to achieve full coverage.
    • If it’s just a sprinkle of gray hairs you have in your brows, the color options to consider may look a bit different and your stylist will guide you on this.
  • Is the hair on your head fully gray? If so, which tint colors will complement your gray hair?
  • What tint color(s) will flatter your overall look and skin tone?
    • This question applies to anyone getting a brow tint, no matter the color of their hair/brow hairs.

Wherever you land with your gray brows and how much gray you have to cover, your stylist will work with you to consider the options above and then customize that color just for YOU!

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Say Good-Bye To Gray Brows with Help From The Lash Lounge

Thanks to custom brow tinting, your gray brows DON’T have to get you down! Toss the brow pencils and DIY brow tints for good and leave the rest to us! Once you do, you’ll enjoy maintenance-free color for up to 4 wonderful weeks!

Need your brows shaped, too? Throw in brow threading with your tint for the perfect combo to truly up the look of your brows!