A woman with natural looking brows and makeup faces the camera and smiles

Tips for a Full and Natural Eyebrow Makeup Look

April 9, 2022
Ready to nail the natural makeup look this summer? A lite and dewy complexion is best framed by a fuss-free brow. What do fuss-free brows look like? They are cleaned-up, not overplucked (but groomed) or tinted to the perfect, complimentary shade. When factoring each of these things for no-fuss brows,…
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A woman, with a fresh face of makeup and a natural lash extension look, looks at the camera and smiles

How to Nail a Natural Makeup Look With Lash Extensions

April 4, 2022
The Lash Lounge’s Guide to Natural Looking Lash Extensions Good news: the natural makeup look you loved in 2021—it’s here to stay in 2022, and beyond! Why we LOVE a natural look: instead of hiding imperfections, natural makeup celebrates and accentuates your best features! And we know there’s A LOT…
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three female owners of The Lash Lounge

Three Strong Women Behind The Lash Lounge

March 24, 2022
When you walk into The Lash Lounge, you see a beautiful salon. But what isn’t always immediately visible are the strong, hard-working women behind it. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re shining the light on a few of the many incredible women who are making an impact at The…
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closeup of a young woman with red hair smiling with a brow tint

Aftercare Tips for Tinted Eyebrows

March 21, 2022
Picture this: you just walked out of your local Lash Lounge with darker, fuller-looking brows and you’re ready to take on the world (and that upcoming work meeting!). But what about aftercare? What does the process entail?  🙌🏼  Read on for tips and tricks so you can care for your tinted…
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closeup of brunette woman smiling with lash extensions

How to Build Self-Confidence From the Inside Out

March 4, 2022
Building Confidence in YOU Whether you’re a confidence QUEEN 👑 or looking to BOOST your self-love, taking steps to hype yourself up can help you build up your self-image. Work to overcome your self-doubt with these confidence-boosting techniques approved by The Lash Lounge!
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array of beauty products and cosmetics on bathroom counter

The Future of the Beauty Industry

February 21, 2022
From skincare, makeup, hair, nails to our personal fav, lashes, the beauty industry has truly evolved over the years. Long before social media, influencers and alluring advertising, people searched for ways to enhance their appearance (we’re talking all the way back to the days of the Egyptians). Fast forward to…
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close-up of woman's face during eyebrow threading

The History of Threading Hair Removal | Eyebrow Threading

February 11, 2022
A History of Threading Hair Removal—Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow threading is one of the earliest forms of hair removal. More than 6,000 years old, it is growing in popularity in the United States—and WE KNOW WHY! We ❤️ eyebrow threading. This quick and precise form of hair removal is less painful…
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