Lash-Safe Skin Care for Beautiful, Fresh Lashes

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  • July 6th, 2023
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We all regularly remove makeup, clean our lashes, wash our face and moisturize. And this daily skincare ritual is the PERFECT time to give your skin TLC with the best skin-care products.

Today, we’re delighted to make you an expert by sharing tips from our corporate training team about their beauty, cleansing and moisturizing routines. 🧖🏼 Even better, their skin-care tips include how to protect your lovely lashes when washing your face and how to clean lash extensions safely.

Let’s marry cleaning lashes with healthy skin care! 💕

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Step One: You Need Go-to Products for Fresh Lashes and Skin

  • Face and Lash Cleansers

To keep your extensions looking FAB until your next lash fill appointment, it’s time to look at the skin care products you use. Not all products are safe for your lashes and you should always choose oil-free, water-based cleansers to protect your lashes.

Don’t fret! From cleansers to lash sealants, we make finding lash-safe products easy with our proprietary line of lash care products available for purchase at a Lash Lounge salon near you.

  • Lash Extension Safe Makeup Removers

We know that many of our guests wear a full face of makeup most days. When it comes time to remove your makeup, you need a refreshing and hydrating makeup remover.

We LOVE our Gel Eye Makeup Remover. Not only is it safe for removing eye makeup with eyelash extensions, but it’s also wonderful for removing all-over face makeup! 🧼 (Gotta love a dual product!)

Step Two: The Best Way to Remove Eye Makeup with Eyelash Extensions

A lash-safe cleanser plus a clean makeup brush are the basics for safe makeup removal and flawless lashes. Once you’re ready to get your lash line squeaky clean, our team recommends using their favorite dynamic duo: Lash Detox foaming cleanser + our cleansing brush.

Together these will remove debris, oil and makeup on your lashes, then fluff and separate them so they keep looking as fresh as the day you got them.

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Step Three: How to Cleanse Lash Extensions Safely and Effectively

A perfect way to cleanse your eyelash extensions is to gently tap around the eye area with a lint-free wipe. Why not a regular washcloth? A lint-free wipe won’t catch, pull or snag your lashes. Trust us, you’ll never go back to regular cloth again!

Step Four: How to Moisturize Eyelids with Eyelash Extensions

When applying any product around your eyes, wash your hands first to avoid getting oils or dirt around your eyes and lashes. Start with a small amount of moisturizer and slowly add more to the area as needed. This technique will make it dry quicker.

To protect your skin, tap the product on your lids and around your eyes instead of rubbing it—this also allows you to be more precise with your application and keeping the product away from your lash line. The result: hello to hydrated skin and fluffy protected lashes! 🥰

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Facial Moisturizers That Are Safe for Lashes

Like your cleanser, the best moisturizer for eyelashes is one that is oil-free. Using a gel moisturizer around your eyes is recommended because it will dry quickly and is less likely to impact your lash line.

Enjoy Refreshed Skin and Clean Lashes

The key to finding a good cleanser and moisturizer for your skin, especially around the eyes, is to remember that oil-free and water-based products are the way to go! To make sure your products are extra lash-safe, you can’t go wrong with our favorite products right here from The Lash Lounge!

To further care for your eyelash extensions, be sure to ask your lash tech for their favorite lash care tips at your next lash fill appointment! Did we just remind you to get that lash refill scheduled? We got you! ⤵️