Designing Unique Lash Looks for Every Eye Shape

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  • September 20th, 2022
closeup of unique lash look getting refilled by stylist at The Lash Lounge

Have you ever tried on a pair of sunglasses and felt like they weren’t quite the right look for your face? Maybe they were too big or maybe they just weren’t “you.” Then, suddenly, you try on the PERFECT pair; they’re flattering in all the right ways!

Defining Your Eye Shape

Do you love your bestie’s lashes? Maybe you find yourself dreaming of what that same look would look like on you? We understand! Before you get too carried away, it’s important to remember that what might look killer on your BFF might not highlight you in the same way. Your own unique eye shape is the best compass when it comes to customizing a lash extension look all your own.

Today, we’ve got the T on eye shapes and which eyelash looks, curls and applications work best for each!

a diagram of almond shaped eyes

Almond Eye Shape

The almond eye shape is the most universal of the bunch. The beauty of the almond shape is that it can accommodate most lash looks and lengths, including one of our most popular requests from guests: the “cat eye.” Once personalized, placement of longer eyelash extensions at the outer edges of the eye elongates its natural shape and makes it appear more “open.”

Round Eyes

Round eyes, on the other hand, naturally tend to appear more “open.” For this eye shape, our lash stylists work their magic when determining and recommending the most flattering lash lengths, thicknesses and design to avoid making the eyes appear “surprised.” The optimal design for round eyes includes shorter lengths in a more relaxed curl, such as a C curl. This will create a lovely, more linear effect that will closely resemble an almond shape design.

Close Set Eyes

Naturally closer to each other, balance is key when a stylist designs a lash look for a guest with close set eyes. To give the illusion of a bit more space in between the eyes, the length in this lash look is allocated to the outer corners of the eye. Like the almond eye shape, close set eyes are a good fit for the coveted “cat eye” lash look.

diagram of deep set eyes and wide set eyes unique eye shape

Deep Set Eyes

People with this eye shape have eyes that are naturally placed deeper in the eye socket and rock a more prominent brow bone. Deep set eyes can appear a bit dark or cast shadows. To give these beauties their time to shine, stylists recommend a softer curl, like our C curl, to ensure that the lash look does not appear too heavy or overly dramatic.

Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes are naturally a little farther apart. Creating balance without creating a heaviness is key for this eye shape. To do this, the stylist will place emphasis on the mid-lash line of the eye while reducing lengths, on the outer corners. This attention to detail gives the effect of eyes that appear slightly closer together.

Angled Eye Shapes

Upward: An upward eye is one where the outer corner of the natural eye is above the inside corner. If this eye shape is paired with an incorrect lash extension design and application, it could risk flattening the appearance of the eye itself. When it comes to lash extensions, the structure of an upward eye shape pairs nicely with lovely, longer lengths on the outer corner to keep the architecture of the eye beautifully balanced.

Downward: A downward eye is one where the outer corner of the natural eye is slightly below the inside corner of the eye. When designing for this shape, the stylist will opt for shorter eyelash extensions on the outer corner of the eye to generate a gorgeous look on the corners that mirrors more of the almond shape presentation.

diagram of the hooded eye unique eye shape

Hooded Eyes

A hooded eye has excess skin visible underneath the crease of the eye. While considering the personalized lash design for this shape, our stylists consider the visibility of the curl itself. An D curl is often recommended on guests with hooded eyes since it tends to really showcase the extensions.

diagram of the small eyes unique eye shape

Small Eyes

While “small” is not officially a shape, guests will small eyes benefit from unique lash look personalization, too!

Here’s the deal on proper extensions for guests with small eyes: At other salons, when an application is not customized like we do here at The Lash Lounge, people who get extensions that are too long, too heavy or too full could be endangering the health of their natural lashes and are often left with a final look that overpowers the eyes.

One of the most flattering options for guests with small eyes is for the stylist to distribute longer extensions across the center of the eye. When a C or D curl is used, this opens the eye and creates a dazzling final lash look!

A Customized Lash Look for You + Your Eye Shape

The beauty of the perfect lash look is that it’s a marriage of your dream lash look and the elements your stylist personalizes.

During your lash consultation, you’ll collaborate with your stylist to select the 3 customizable elements of your desired lash look. Your stylist will help guide you by using our Lash Catalog so you can select your lash curl, application method and lash level. Then, your stylist will personalize those elements by recommending the most flattering lengths, thicknesses and shape for your unique eye shape and lash hair type. Once all these factors are determined, the lash magic continues when your stylist uses The Lash Lounge’s exclusive lash design technique.

At our salons, the choice is yours. With all the customizable options, there are so many gorgeous lash look possibilities to fit you, your eye shape and your natural beauty.

Have You Determined Your Eye Shape?

Who knew all of the shapes and details to consider when designing a one of a kind lash look? Have you determined your eye shape after reading this? Please comment below and share which one you have!

Your Eyelash Extensions Have a Beautiful Story to Tell!

The perfect full set of lash extensions is possible when a trained and certified stylist takes all of these factors into consideration while working with you to choose the customizations that will create your dream lash look. We believe that each set of eyes has a story to tell. When you visit The Lash Lounge, your stylist will help you tell yours beautifully!