True Beauty Shines in Our Fresh Face Challenge

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • December 19th, 2022
Fresh Face Challenge winner announcement from The Lash Lounge

Since most of us have been going lash-free during this time at home, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to shine a light on all of your beautiful, fresh, makeup-free faces!

Last week, we launched our very first Fresh Face Challenge where we asked YOU to embrace your natural beauty. You answered our call—from coast to coast, Instagram was aglow with self-love!

Fresh Face Entries: Celebrating Natural Beauty

So many of you accepted the challenge. We loved seeing each and every b-e-a-u-tiful photo and video you submitted! The entries that poured in were from women of all ages, all ethnicities, from all across the country. That in itself was SUCH a beautiful sight to see!

See some of the gorgeous, natural looks below and what each woman had to say about embracing her own natural beauty.

Rhonda from Texas 

“Even with the few remaining lash hangers-on, no concealer or primers, I do appreciate pretty good skin in my 50s due to good genes! 🙏🏻 (Thanks, Mom!)”

Lash Lounge guest, Rhonda, posing for a selfie for The Lash Lounge's "Fresh Face" Challenge

Erica from Michigan 

Loving going natural during this stay home time! Giving my face a break from all the extras.

Lash Lounge guest, Erin, posing for a selfie for The Lash Lounge's "Fresh Face" Challenge

Jess from Texas

What do I love about my natural beauty? It would probably be my smile and my eyes, and the fact that they resemble those that came before me. #latina #heritage #naturalbeauty

Lash Lounge guest, Jess, posing for a selfie for The Lash Lounge's "Fresh Face" Challenge

Danielle from South Carolina

“All natural girls are gonna make a major comeback soon enough. Being natural means being free. Being natural means to truly love who you are.”

Lash Lounge guest, Danielle, posing for a selfie for The Lash Lounge's "Fresh Face" Challenge

Cassie from Texas 

Roots hanging out, skin glowing and all smiles. Love seeing all of my beauty marks.”

Lash Lounge guest, Cassie, posing for a selfie for The Lash Lounge's "Fresh Face" Challenge

Fresh Faces from The Lash Lounge Home Office! 

The Lash Lounge home office embraced the challenge, too! Our training team, marketing department, CEO, Meg Roberts, and even our EVP, John, let their fresh faces SHINE 

Celebrating Our Fresh Face Winner  

This contest was truly a breath of fresh air. And now, we’re delighted to announce our WINNER….drum roll, please!  

Fresh Face challenge winner, Aya, posing for a makeup-free selfie

The winner of our very first Fresh Face Challenge is: Aya M. from Florida!  


Aya is a guest of The Lash Lounge Dr. Phillips – Orlando salon. After giving her the exciting news, Aya shared more with us about how embracing her own natural beauty has been a shining light for her.  

I miss the ritual and habit of putting on my face in the morning, but I’ve become more confident in my naked face. For years, I struggled with cystic acne and it took a long time to create the good habits to get that under control. Being able to see my freckles again without cringing at my acne and to feel just as pretty without makeup as I do with it has been a refreshing bright spot during an otherwise challenging time. 

We couldn’t be more excited to award the grand prize to such a beautiful person. We know she inspires other women to embrace themselves to the fullest, too! (And of course, we cannot wait to see her rock her new full set of lash extensions! 

Fresh Face LifeContinued  

Even though this contest has come to an end, keep the fresh face pics coming! We can inspire each other every day to appreciate and celebrate the natural beauty we all possess.   

When our fresh faces can again sport lash extensions, what a happy day that will be!