Extension Services: Fill vs. Full Set of Lashes

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • March 31st, 2023
woman with eyes closed after receiving a full set of volume lash extensions

From hybrid to volume and full sets to refills, there’s a little lash lingo to know when it comes to lash extensions! We’re here to “fill” you in—pun intended! 😉

Our team is ALWAYS happy to answer questions and explain lash terms so you feel confident asking for the services and customizations you want at your next appointment. When booking a lash extension appointment, you have the option to get a full set or a refill. But what’s the difference? Today we’re breaking down refilling lashes vs. a new set!

What Is a Full Set of Lash Extensions?

A full set of lash extensions is your introductory, starter set. This means if you’re new to extensions, you’ll want to get a full set of lashes the first time you visit The Lash Lounge. When you get a full set, we fully cover and customize your lash line with extensions based on the application you select! From a full set of classic to volume lashes, a stylist will apply between 60–120 extensions on each eye to your natural lashes.

A full set of eyelash extensions typically takes around 2–3 hours to apply. This timing can vary slightly based on how many natural lashes you have, the application method and the lash look you choose.


woman laying down during a lash refill appointment

How Can You Get Custom Lash Extensions?

Here at The Lash Lounge, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to lash extensions. Stylists use our exclusive lash design technique that draws upon your natural features, eye shape and your own personal preferences to create your lash canvas.

Before your first application, your stylist will take you through a personalized consultation. During this time, you’ll flip through our Lash Catalog to see examples of gorgeous options. You’ll also share a little about the lash design you have in mind, as well as your lifestyle. This info will help you and your stylist determine the very best custom lash creation for you—one that’s safe for your natural lashes and enhances them so that you can rock a lash look you LOVE. ❣️

Once you’ve finally got your first full set, you’ll want to keep your new lashes looking fresh and full. That’s where a lash fill comes in.

What Is a Lash Fill?

During a lash fill, your stylist will apply eyelash extensions to give your lash line a full and refreshed lease on life. They will replace any long or overgrown eyelash extensions with new extensions along with applying extensions to new lashes and natural lashes that have lost their extension. A full refill includes 25–45 new extensions applied per eye to really nail that fullness factor! If more always equals better for you, discuss upping the ante with your stylist and if adding 10, 20 or even 30 extra lashes is possible.

Since most of us lose about 20% of our natural lashes every two weeks, this is THE very reason we recommend going in for a lash refill every other week to ensure your lash line stays full and fabulous.

Prioritize Lash Extension Upkeep

So, once you’ve gotten your first full set, it’s all about maintenance AND lash refills to keep those extensions looking like the first day you got them! What’s the easiest way to maintain that full lash look you’re totally obsessed with and keep up with your refill appointments? One word: MEMBERSHIP. 🤩

Our custom membership program is just the ticket for keeping those two refill appointments scheduled at a discount and accessing additional perks, like 10% off all products and additional services. (Flawlessly threaded brows, here we come!)

blonde woman leaving The Lash Lounge after a lash refill and retail purchase

All you have to do is choose the lash membership that’s best for you based on your preferred application method! Here are the membership options to choose from:

  1. Classic Membership
  2. Hybrid Membership
  3. Volume Membership
  4. Mega Volume Membership (at select salons only)

Another benefit of having a membership—other than your fabulous lashes, of course—is a drastically simplified beauty routine that showcases your stunning eyelash extensions all day, every day!

Get the Perfect Eyelash Extensions for You

We’re all about eyelash extensions and customization here at The Lash Lounge, whether it’s your very first full set or 100th refill.

If you want more of a natural lash look or you feel like going all out and ultra-glam, our expert stylists will work with you to design your dream lash look.

Remember, start with a full lash set, then experiment, rock and repeat with a lash fill—all under the care of our expert stylists who have your best YOU in mind! Get your lash game on today. ⬇️