Hybrid Lash Extensions Meet Lash Lounge Membership

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  • March 16th, 2022
close-up of happy woman smiling with hybrid eyelash extensions

You’ve heard about our memberships and our hybrid lashes. But have you heard about their beautiful blend? Get the 4-1-1 on our hybrid membership!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions at The Lash Lounge

Never heard of hybrid lash extensions? Get ready to have your mind blown!

One of four application methods to choose from at The Lash Lounge, our hybrid application combines both our classic and volume lashes to create the loveliest of looks—a stunning marriage of texture and fullness.

woman featuring our hybrid eyelashes

Lash Lounge Memberships

The best for your budget, easy lash upkeep and schedule-friendly, a membership at The Lash Lounge is a no-brainer!

The best part? Our memberships (like our lashes) are not one-size-fits-all. We have 4 custom membership options: classic, volume, mega volume* and—you guessed it—hybrid! Choose a membership to match the custom lash look you love.

*Mega volume memberships available at select salons only.

The Details on Our Hybrid Membership

For those of you hooked on hybrid lashes, then our hybrid membership is calling your name! With the hybrid membership, you’ll receive:

  • Our incredible exclusive blend of our classic and volume lashes (for the fullness and texture you love)
  • 2 refills per month (gotta keep that lash line on point at all times!)
  • 10% off ALL products (insert happy dance for all you retail revelers!)
  • 10% off ALL additional services, add-ons and upgrades (perfect opportunity to bring those brows back to life or try another lash service you’ve had your eye on)

Enjoy the Magic of Being a Lash Lounge Member!

Now that you’ve gotten the deets on our hybrid application and membership duo, what are you waiting for?
Find the nearest Lash Lounge and be on your way to having a full lash line all the time, biweekly lash naps, discounts and living your best life with lashes!