Beautiful Brows with neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™

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  • January 3rd, 2022
tube of brow serum neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ for enhancing the look of eyebrows

For those of you with sparse looking brows that could use a little extra love, have we ever got the brow serum for you—neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ will blow you away!

close up of woman with beautiful shaped eyebrows


Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested, neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ is a quality- strength advanced serum. Its claim to fame? It hydrates, conditions and protects your natural brows, while also promoting strength and suppleness.

Raise your hand if you’re already dreaming about having b-e-a-utiful looking brows! 🙋🏽

What Ingredients Are in neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™…and How Do They Work?

This brow-promoting serum contains biotin and an essential B vitamin to take your sparse-looking brows and make them appear stronger and fuller! 💪

But that’s not all… neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ is teeming with other ingredients to allow your brows to beautifully blossom:

Apple Fruit Cell Cultures: Encourages a look of vitality to enhance your brows with a healthier, more defined look.

• Vitamin C: Utilizing the power of antioxidants, this vitamin helps strengthen and protect your brows.

• Molasses Extract: Provides your natural brows with the nourishment they need!

• 5 Power Polypeptides: A combo of amino acids promotes an overall enhanced appearance for your eyebrows.

• Sodium Hyaluronate: Because we all want softness and shine when it comes to our hair—and, yes, even our brows—this ingredient is hip on hydration.

box of brow serum product neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ with a bright pink flower in the background

How Often Should I Use neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™?

Using neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ just once per day will do the trick! For best results, use the serum in the evening on clean brows after you have thoroughly washed your face.

How Long Until I See neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ Results?

Now, for the best news: When you use the product as directed, you can expect to achieve a fuller, more defined look to your eyebrows in as little as 8 weeks!

Purchase This Brow Serum at The Lash Lounge!

Ready to serve up some sensational shape to your lackluster-looking brows? We thought so! Pick up neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™ at your local Lash Lounge and in as little as 2 months, you’ll stand in awe of the appearance of your fuller-looking brows!

Already using neuBROW PROFESSIONAL™? We’d love to hear from you and even see before and after photos if you’ve got them! Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook and share your beautiful new brows with us!