3 Reasons Lash Extension Refills Are a Must

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • January 3rd, 2022
woman lying down with eyes closed while she is getting her volume eyelash extensions refilled at a lash salon

Aside from keeping your beloved lash extensions maintained, fluffed and full at all times, there are other reasons to keep those refill appointments scheduled every two weeks!

Refill Reason 1: Lash Shedding Happens

When your lashes shed and your extension hangs on for the ride, this is a clear indicator it’s time to get to The Lash Lounge for a refill. Like the hair on your head, shedding is a natural process of the lash releasing from the hair follicle. Since every lash is in a different part of the growth cycle, each will shed at a different rate.

Want to see this process in action? Take a close look when you see a fallen lash on your pillow. You will likely see an extension attached to the natural lash, which is a good thing! Why? This means that your lashes are growing in a healthy cycle and a new lash is on the way as a replacement.

So, don’t fret! If your lashes experience shedding, know this is normal, and your lash stylist will get your lash line fluffed and full again during your biweekly refill appointment.

Refill Reason 2: That Gravity Grip and Lingering Lashes

Ever notice an eyelash that has turned, is drooping or just sticking around? If you have, that’s science playing with your lash line. This occurs as your natural lashes grow and the extension moves from its original location (we’re talking .5 or 1 mm) away from the lash line. The more it grows, the heavier the extension becomes, causing it to droop, turn or hang. This can also happen when you haven’t experienced any lash shedding and that extension hangs on for dear life.

But don’t worry! If you’re keeping up with your regular refill appointments, your stylist can monitor your lash line, catch this gravity grip or any lingering lashes and then, of course, easily fix and replace any lashes that need a little extra TLC.

Refill Reason 3: Protect Your Lash Extension Investment

Along with protecting the investment you have made to your lash line, keeping your lash extensions in tip-top shape and as pretty as can be is a MUST! All you have to do is book your refill appointments every 2 weeks. Scheduling in advance is always recommended so you can lock in your preferred times with your trusted stylist.

When you stick to a regular refill routine, your lashes will look just as beautiful as the day you got that first, magical full set!

The Beauty of Online Booking at The Lash Lounge

Whether you’re ready to embark on life with lash extensions for the first time or it’s time to schedule your refill appointments, find a Lash Lounge near you and conveniently book online. You’ll be on your way to living the lash life of your dreams! Just remember to tag us with your fresh look on Instagram or Facebook!