New Lashes + New Doors: A Real Woman’s Lash Lounge Journey

closeup of woman eye with lash extensions

We’re delighted to give you an inside look into the lash life of another real Lash Lounge woman. Meet Jaycee, our very own products and training coordinator!

Today, we’re jumping into her professional journey with The Lash Lounge AND that magical moment when she got her first full set of lash extensions.

A Beautiful Collision: New Career + New Lash Look

Prior to The Lash Lounge, Jaycee, a Texas native, was always fascinated by lash extensions. She had grown tired of the constant hassle of using a lash curler, applying mascara and fumbling with lash strips to get that enhanced look she so desperately wanted.

Just as she was getting ready to research lash services in her area, she found herself at a crossroads with her current job and began exploring new employment opportunities. It was then when the stars aligned and she saw that there was an opening for a front desk associate at The Lash Lounge Southlake – Park Village. Jaycee took a leap of faith, applied for the position and got it! It was then that her career journey with The Lash Lounge (and her new life with lashes) officially began!

Eyelash Extensions: Newfound Confidence from That First Full Set

Soon after starting her new job at the Southlake salon, Jaycee received her first full set of lash extensions— oh, happy day! To enhance her natural features, her customized look included a “classic: level 3” application and a dazzling D curl.

Jaycee recounts that magical moment when her stylist handed over the mirror and she got to feel that same rush she’d witnessed so many women in the salon experience: “When I saw my lashes, I felt effortlessly beautiful and my confidence went way up! I truly saw the beauty in my eyes.”

When it came to how her lashes made her feel, Jaycee summed it up in 3 words: “Breathtaking, beautiful and striking.”

A “Less Is More” Life With Lash Extensions

Jaycee still revels at how much lash extensions have changed her life. “It’s crazy how changing one little feature has had such a huge and positive impact. I totally changed into a “less is more” kind of girl and let my natural features show.”

Continued Lash Love + Dedication

Prior to joining The Lash Lounge and getting a new lease on life thanks to lash extensions, Jaycee had originally aspired to join the medical field and attend nursing school. But it was when she began her job at The Lash Lounge Southlake – Park Village, that she found herself loving her newfound career and the lash industry itself.

Her dedication to the guests and the business would be her new path, and last year, Jaycee proudly joined the corporate training team as our brand-new products and training coordinator. “From starting at the front desk in the salon to moving up to a corporate position, I am so honored to be a part of a company that lets me immerse myself in all aspects. My entire journey with The Lash Lounge has been a success!”

A Lash Lounge Woman on a Mission

The opportunity to discover her hidden niche for business while continuing her love and knowledge for lash extensions has taken Jaycee’s journey full circle. She now plans on continuing to rock her role at The Lash Lounge while also attending Texas Women’s University to earn her bachelor’s degree in business management. Way to go, Jaycee! We always love a woman on a mission!

Let Your Lash Lounge Dreams Come True

Would you like to discover how lashes can transform your own life? Find a salon near you! And, if the opportunity to work at a Lash Lounge near you sounds like a dream, apply for a job today!