The 4-1-1 On Traveling With Eyelash Extensions: Lash Care Tips + Products to Take

woman in cute hat with tinting eyebrows and lashes

Spring break will be here before you know it! If you’ve only thought about the Insta-worthy outfits to pack for your trip, add to that list the products you’ll need to keep your lash extensions on point while you’re away. See our roundup of the things to include before you jet set!

2 Must-Have Products for Traveling With Eyelash Extensions

Whether you’re the kind of person that packs light or you fill your bags to the hilt, don’t forget to include the following products so you (and your lashes) can live your best vacation life!

1. Lash Sealant: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

When on a dreamy vacay somewhere like the beach, your lashes are often exposed to extra moisture from humidity, sweat and even those fun water activities you love so much.

A lash sealant is one product you’ll want to be sure to pack. It extends the life of the adhesive, which locks your extensions in place for a longer period of time. During your next appointment at The Lash Lounge, be sure to snag one of our 2 sealants.

1. Protecting Sealant: Perfect if you’re planning on being active during your vacation or will be somewhere with high humidity. Use twice a week.
2. Black Diamond Sealant: All the same goodness as our Protecting Sealant but adds a lovely dark sheen. Use daily.

2. Jet Set with Our Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Not only is our Eye Makeup Remover Gel 100% safe for removing makeup on and around your eyes (yes, even with lash extensions!), but it’s also wonderful for removing all-over face makeup.

This means you’re getting 2 products in 1. Hello, more room in your bag! So, throw that extra pair of sunnies in; you’ve got the space!

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Eyelash Extensions

From something important to keep in mind when booking your lash refill appointment to a couple more key staples you should pack, each tip and trick will ensure your lashes will be ready to embark on any upcoming travel adventure.

Book a Lash Refill Appointment Before You Depart

Don’t head out of town with your lashes looking wack. Get a refill before you go! Book an appointment with your stylist so that when you leave for your trip, your lash line is looking full and fabulous!

Pack Your Trusty Polyester-Blend Cloth

While hotels and Airbnbs tend to stock core essentials like washcloths, remember, regular cloths are not always lash extension-friendly. A polyester-blend cloth (like the MakeUp Eraser) is your go-to cleansing cloth because it won’t catch, pull or snag your lashes.

So, the next time you’re leaving your lash refill appointment, ask your stylist if they carry a cloth like this. If they do, be sure to grab one before your trip. Otherwise, pick 1 up the next time you’re at the store. Trust us—you’ll be using this cloth before, during and well after your travels!

Keep Up With Your Usual Lash Care Routine

Vacation or not, but especially while you’re traveling, buildup from body oils and products will accumulate along your lash line. So, be sure to keep your lashes fresh and clean each day while using one of our trusted makeup removers:

Special Eye & Makeup Remover—great for those with sensitive eyes!

Eye Makeup Remover Gel—ideal for removing waterproof makeup.

Dealing With Dry Skin While Traveling

If your skin gets extra dry when you travel, skipping your moisturizer just isn’t an option. We get it…and that’s A-OK! Just keep your eyes peeled for ingredients like oil and alcohol, common in many moisturizing creams. These aren’t safe to apply near the eye or lash line since they can break down the lash extension adhesive.

There are easy ways to apply cream and steer clear of your beloved lash extensions. Our corporate trainer, Shelley, recently demonstrated her own moisturizing routine and how she strategically places her favorite skincare products.

Shelley’s tips:

  • Be precise with where creams and moisturizers are placed.
  • Do not messily rub the product all over your face and eyes.
  • Gently apply to certain areas, even under the eye.
  • Avoid the eyelid entirely since the product can make its way down to your lash line, which could break the bond of the lash adhesive and the extension.

Wanderlust with Your Lash Wand

Know what should trek along with you while you’re away? Your lash wand, of course! Throw one in your purse, cosmetic bag, carry-on—heck, toss one in every bag, so you’ll never be without! Give your lashes a gentle comb-through each day and keep them fluffed and in place wherever you go.

Bon Voyage, Beautiful!

Wherever you’re going, just remember to think ahead while you’re packing and throw in some of your trusted products and must-have lash care items. It’s always good to be prepared to have just what you need when you need it so you can experience your trip to the fullest!

Need a salon while you’re away? See if there’s a Lash Lounge where you’ll be vacationing in case you want to schedule a service or pick up an extra product!