The National Lash Day Celebration Continues! 3 Real Eyelash Extension Looks + Transformations

  • Published
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  • September 14th, 2022
Closeup of eyes with lash extension look from The Lash Lounge

We’re still on cloud nine after celebrating National Lash Day last week! Well, yes, you got us—every day around here is Lash Day…which gives us an awesome excuse to keep the celebration rolling!

To do that, we’re teeing up what are sure to be 3 new cases of major lash envy as you feast your eyes upon these gorgeous new lash transformations from 3 real-life Lash Lounge guests!

before and after of a guest showing set of hybrid lashes

1. From France to Her First Full Set of Lash Extensions

Chloe, our guest from The Lash Lounge Yonkers – Central Park Avenue, is a student from France. She’s here in the United States studying English…but English isn’t the only things she’s taking home with her; she’s officially fallen in love with eyelash extensions!

Her stylist, Courtney, sat down with her during her first appointment to discuss what she had in mind for her first-ever eyelash extension look. The results? A beautiful full set of hybrid lash extensions, giving Chloe the most stunning balance of texture and fullness.

Just see the transformation!

2. A Crowning Moment with Volume Eyelash Extensions

before and after of a "volume: level 3" eyelash extension look from The Lash Lounge

Meet Gina Mellish, also known as Miss New Jersey USA 2020. Gina has been visiting The Lash Lounge Metuchen – The District at Metuchen for quite some time now and is all about her life with lashes!

Since Gina stays on the go representing the great state of New Jersey, having an easy beauty routine is a game-changer. Thanks to The Lash Lounge, she can get up and go, then dart from event to competition without skipping a beat!

For her custom lash look, Gina and her stylist, Angelique, go with a full set of “volume: level 3” eyelash extension look to give her a voluminous lash line that just drips with drama.

Plus, Gina can easily take her lash extensions from day to night and, on days off, she can keep her look effortless and elegant without a stitch of makeup! Just like her epic, crown-winning moment, lash extensions are a dream come true!

before and after of a classic eyelash extension look with a C curl from The Lash Lounge

3. A New Look and New Lashes for an Eyelash Extension Newbie

Feel like your day-to-day look needs a boost? The Lash Lounge Yonkers – Central Park Avenue guest Jasmine can definitely relate!

But when she came in for her first appointment, she didn’t quite know which lash look she wanted to try out first. So, she and her stylist, Tatyanna, went through the consultation process to determine which application method, lash level and curl were right for her.

Thanks to our Lash Catalog, the two came up with a custom look perfect for Jasmine, her beautiful natural features and her lifestyle!

Jasmine’s spectacular lash transformation included a classic full set of lashes with a captivating C curl.

Eyelash Extensions Near Me

Whether you’re ready to gift yourself with a new, refreshed look or you have a big event coming up like a wedding, embarking on your own lash transformation is easier than ever! Find a Lash Lounge near you, become a member and enjoy your fabulous new life with lashes!