Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? 5 Myths Busted

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  • February 5th, 2024
woman swimming with lash extensions

Don’t let your gorgeous lash extensions get in the way of beach or pool plans! With some precaution and a little care, lash extensions are swimming-safe! In fact, they’re one of the best options for staying glam by the water.

Read on as we debunk all your eyelash extension swimming myths. PLUS, we’ll share our favorite lash extension tips for swim day.

Woman in ocean surfing and swimming with eyelash extensions

Myth 1: I can’t go swimming if I have lash extensions.

True: You absolutely can go swimming with lash extensions. 🏊‍♀️

Be sure to give your new extensions eight hours to set before getting them wet (this goes for swimming, showering or washing your face).

Can I swim in the ocean with eyelash extensions?

Yes, but if you’re splashing through waves, we do recommend wearing a pair of swimming goggles to protect your extensions from salt (which can break down the adhesive used to attach your natural lash to the extension) and friction—water pressure from waves or even a high-pressure shower can place extra stress on your extensions, which may cause them to shed early. Swimming goggles leave plenty of space for your fluttery lashes.

Can you wear lash extensions in the pool?

Yes, but chlorine and lash extensions don’t mix. Like salt water, chlorine can weaken the adhesive. A quick dip or a float on a raft is unlikely to cause problems, but for frequent swimmers, we suggest investing in a new pair of extension-friendly goggles.

Myth 2: While swimming, waterproof mascara works just as well as lash extensions.

False: Mascara (yes, even some waterproof mascaras) will smudge or run while swimming. Unlike mascara, eyelash extensions won’t leave you with raccoon eyes.

Myth 3: All lash extensions are swim friendly.

True: The Lash Lounge lash extensions are swim friendly, but not all extensions are created equal! The expertise of your stylist and the quality of your extensions matter.

Our stylists are extensively trained in the science and art of lash extension application. We use the correct amount of adhesive to cure the bond of your individual extensions. If you follow our recommendations for care (like waiting eight hours before your first dip), you’ve got no reason to worry!

Myth 4: My lashes won’t look the same after I go swimming.

False: They can and should, but you do need to take care of them for that to happen. Aftercare is critical to ensuring your lashes look as good after your swim as they did before. You wash and brush your hair after hitting the pool, right? It’s the same for your lashes.

Woman on beach thinking about swimming with eyelash extensions

Keep your lashes intact for longer and be sure your vacation pics look flawless by choosing the right products and following your recommended lash care routine:

  1. Opt for an oil-free sunscreen, and be careful to avoid your extensions when applying.
  2. Cleanse your lashes with after your swim (especially if swimming in saltwater or chlorine). We recommend our Lash Detox foaming lash cleanser.
  3. Pack a clean, soft, lint-free towel to gently pat your lashes dry.
  4. Brush through your lashes with a clean lash wand after a day by the water.

Myth 5: I don’t need any special products for my lashes when I’m water-bound!

True IF you already have the proper lash care products! If not, you’ll want to pick up The Lash Lounge’s aftercare kit at your local salon. Specifically:

  • Lash Armor: Add our sealant to your must-have list! Lash Armor helps to protect your extensions from moisture, humidity and sweat! Choose from either of our formulas: Onyx or Crystal.
  • Lash Detox foaming cleanser: We offer two formulas, unscented and tea tree extract. Both formulas are oil- and alcohol- free and contain a premium blend of 10 natural extracts that provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Your lashes will be sparkling clean!
Mother and daughter on the beach before swimming with lash extensions

How to Swim with Eyelash Extensions

  1. Plan ahead—schedule your fill or full set at least a day in advance of your next pool date.
  2. Pack accordingly—don’t forget your lash cleanser, clean mascara wand, towel and goggles!
  3. Invest in quality products—Your lash extensions are an investment, so be sure to use the highest quality makeup removers, cleansers, moisturizers and protectants to keep them looking good, long-term.
  4. Be gentle on your lashes—Rough waves 🌊 and high-pressure showers may strain your extensions.
  5. When in doubt, ask—your lash stylist is an expert in their field. If you’ve got a question, reach out. We’re here to help.

Love Your Lashes AND Your Pool!

Rest easy knowing only is it OK to swim with lash extensions, they outperform mascara at the pool or beach 🏖️ by far! They’re the perfect poolside and beachside companion. But just like any relationship, it takes love to make it last. Just follow the lash care swimming best practices mentioned above to make sure your lashes are around for the long haul!

Not sure if extensions are right for you? Consider a lash lift and tint.

No matter your preference, we’re here to help you achieve the look you desire. Find a salon near you and schedule your appointment.