6 Myths Busted About Swimming with Eyelash Extensions

woman swimming with lash extensions

6 Myths About Swimming With Your Lash Extensions

With pool season around the corner, it’s the perfect time to set the record straight on swimming with lash extensions.  We’re tackling 6 myths to keep your fluttery friends perky all season!

Mother and daughter on the beach before swimming with lash extensions

MYTH 1: I can’t take a dip in the pool or go swimming if I have lash extensions.

FALSE: You can most definitely go swimming with eyelash extensions. Just remember to give your extensions eight hours to set before getting them wet.

MYTH 2: While swimming, waterproof mascara works just as well as lash extensions.

FALSE: Nope! Mascara (yes, even some waterproof mascaras) will most likely smudge or run while swimming. Know what won’t have you looking like a raccoon while you enjoy your time splishing and splashing? Lash extensions! Each extension is adhered directly to your natural lash, keeping it in place and keeping you at ease.

Woman on beach thinking about swimming with eyelash extensions

MYTH 3: All Lash Lounge Lash Extensions are Swim-Friendly.

TRUE: Here at The Lash Lounge, our stylists apply the proper amount of adhesive to cure the bonds on your individual extensions, so you’re always good to go for a dip in the pool. But if you’re doing laps or splashing through some waves, we do recommend throwing on a pair of goggles to avoid the extra friction.

MYTH 4: I don’t need any special products for my lashes when I’m water-bound!

FALSE: If you don’t have them already, we recommend a couple of different goodies built specifically to keep your lashes intact for longer. Don’t leave home without packing these Lash Lounge products, both available to purchase at your salon!

Woman in ocean surfing and swimming with eyelash extensions

MYTH 5: Saltwater is perfectly safe for my lashes.

FALSE: Unfortunately, no. Spending too much time in the ocean is not recommended when it comes to your lashes. This is because salt can break the bond of your extension, causing it to detach from your natural lash prematurely. If you already have an ocean vacay on the books, grab your goggles and give your lashes that extra protection!

MYTH 6: My lashes won’t look the same after I go swimming.

FALSE: They can, but only if you take care of them. Brushing through your lashes with a clean lash wand and following your normal lash care routine is always recommended after you hit the water. You wash and brush your hair after hitting the pool, right? It’s the same for your lashes. This will keep them looking their absolute best, especially for all of those memorable vacation pics you’ll be taking. Say cheese!

Which Lash Extension Products Can Help?

Say goodbye to the number of products you’ll have to pack and hello to having more room for souvenirs!

Lash Sealant: Add this to your must-have list! Our Longer Life and Black Diamond Sealants lock your extensions in place for a longer time.

Lash Cleanser: Our eyelash foaming cleanser is oil- and alcohol-free and contains the same pH balance as natural tears, making it perfect even for those with sensitive eyes. Your lashes will always be sparkling clean! If you’re looking for a lash cleansing brush, we have that, too!

Rest easy this summer knowing you can swim and your lash extensions will be okay. They’re the perfect poolside companion. Just like any relationship, it takes love to make it last. Just follow the lash care swimming best practices mentioned above to make sure your lashes are around for the long haul!