Should You Say “YES” to a Bridal Lift?

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  • June 14th, 2024
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Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable times of your life! From the dress to the venue, everything must be picture perfect.

For most brides-to-be, that includes planning the best makeup look! You’re probably searching for the best lash products or enhancements to help your eyes shine at the altar. While many brides love lash extensions, lash strips or good old-fashioned mascara, lash lifts can be a great option for your wedding day, too! Just like other beauty treatments, there are a few things to consider when deciding if you are going to say “I DO” to a lash lift.

What’s a Lash Lift?

First, real quick… you may be wondering: What’s a lash lift? A lift is like a perm for your natural lashes. Our expertly trained lash stylists will help you select the perfect custom curl for your big day! How does it work? We’ll gently wrap your natural lashes around a silicone lifting rod with a water-based adhesive before applying a lifting and setting solution followed by a lash conditioner to lock in that curl. In less than an hour, you’ll be out the door with bright, upright lashes that require zero maintenance and last up to 8 weeks.

Lash Lift Pros

Okay, so now that you know what a lash lift is, what items are falling into the “pros” column? We got the deets on the lash lift pros that make it worthwhile to get the treatment.

  • Spice up your straight lashes: If you have straight eyelashes that lack that a gorgeous curl all on their own, achieving a doe-eyed look can feel frustrating. Flat and lackluster lashes can fail to make your eyes pop in a way that truly enhances your natural beauty. Using an old curler won’t hold the curl all day long—but a lash lift WILL! No need to check if your curl is dropping or do touch-ups in the bathroom. You might even want to treat yourself to another lash lift after your wedding festivities. 😉
  • No mascara mishaps: A joyful wedding day can bring on lots of tears—especially during those heartfelt vows. You don’t want to hold them back because you’re worried about your mascara. (You can totally see it now, can’t you—black smudges running down your cheeks, immortalized by the photographer! 😬) Still want some extra boldness? Book a lash lift AND a tint! Lash tinting is the process of dying your eyelashes to give them the color of mascara without the application! Lash tinting can embolden blonde or light-colored lashes to appear darker, making your gaze stand out at the altar! ✨ You can cry tears of joy and break a sweat on the dance floor with your bridesmaids and your curl won’t budge! 💃 Want to see results? Check out our guest’s lash lift and tint (and her gorgeous brow tint!) transformation below.
extreme close-up of before and after lash lift and lash and brow tint.
  • Saves time: When you wake up on your wedding day, the clock starts ticking for all things prep. Imagine starting the day with perfect lashes, no adjustment needed! A stunning lash lift makes the remainder of your makeup application a breeze. No need to reach for any old eyelash curler or try to rub away mascara smudges from your eyelids. You can focus on applying your foundation, perfecting your hairdo and arriving to your venue on time! And the best part? Your beautiful lash lift curl will stay intact for up to 8 weeks! You get to wake up feeling radiant during your honeymoon and beyond. 🙌
  • Easy aftercare: Luckily, lash lift aftercare is a breeze! Avoid exposing your lashes to sweat, steam and water for the first 24-hours after your service to maintain your fresh curl for as long as possible. You’ll also need to sleep on your back to prevent applying pressure to your lashes. We know this is a tough one… but it will be worth it! After the first day, you can go back to your regular day-to-day routine. You’re free to treat yourself to skincare, go to your workout sesh and get your lashes wet as normal. 🛌

Lash Lift Cons

This list is honestly short if you’re looking for a semi-permanent lash solution that’s not eyelash extensions, but there are a few things to be mindful of. We’re giving you the scoop on a few lash lifts cons to consider prior to booking your appointment.

  • Allergy sensitivities: Though rare, some may experience sensitivities to adhesive or tapes used in the process. But don’t let this scare you away from the service. If you’re sensitive to the adhesive or tapes, we provide an alternative rod for your eyelid to ensure you can still receive the service! Plus, our lash lift solutions will not touch your skin. To understand if you are a great candidate for a lash lift, talk openly with your stylist during your consultation. They’ll ask you about your allergies to confirm that a lash lift is right for you. This will help you feel more at ease and reduce any stress before committing to a lift for your wedding day!
extreme close-up of a lash lift
  • Improper care: If you are treated by someone who’s unlicensed, you likely won’t receive the best lash care or the results you’re looking for. A low-quality treatment can put you at risk of damaging your lashes. Our general beauty treatment tip: ALWAYS book with a professional! Our Lash Lounge salons have top-notch tools, processes and professionals to craft your custom lash lift.
  • Limited customization: A lash lift enhances your natural lashes. If you’re looking for a minimalist bridal look for your wedding day, a lash lift is perfect for you. But if you’re envisioning a pop of color, extra lashes or extreme length on your lash line, these are not a part of the service. If you find yourself still wanting some more fullness, consider customizable lash extensions! Our classic lash extensions are a natural, timeless look. If you want to go bold, consider our volume, hybrid or even mega volume* lash extensions. Our stylists will give you the custom lashes that you’re dreaming of!

*Mega volume available at select salons only.

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