Lash Lift vs. Lash Perm: Are They The Same?

  • Published
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  • March 26th, 2024
young asian woman with lash lift

You’ve heard of an eyelash perm and you’ve heard of a lash lift…but what’s the difference? We’ve got the info below so there’s no more confusion! 😉

Comparing Lash Perms and Lash Lifts

Unless you’re in the beauty biz, a lash perm and eyelash lift probably sound like two different things. But here in our world we know that the term “lash perm” is simply another term for a lash lift. So, when wondering about a lash lift vs lash perm, know that it’s the same thing: A service that provides a natural-looking lift and curl to your natural lash line.

Perming Eyelashes with a Lash Lift

We often dish on the details of a lash lift, how the service is performed and more. In case you’ve missed those previous posts, see below for a rundown about eyelash lifts and how we master eyelash curling at our salons. If you still have questions after digesting these deets, contact your local salon!

graphic of eye with lash lift
  • If you’re tired of straight lashes and using lash curling tools, an eyelash lift is hands-down the best way to get a lovely, lasting curl without any fuss!
  • Our stylists have been specifically trained to perform lash lifts AND customize the service for each guest.
  • Once you and your stylist determine the curl you desire, they will use a soft silicone rod to gently lift and curl your eyelashes.
  • A mild adhesive is then paired with the rod to set your desired curl in place. This part of the service is commonly called a lash perm.
  • The service itself is very relaxing and usually takes less than an hour!
  • When your lashes are fully set and curled, your stylist will cleanse and fluff them so you can be on your way to enjoying a precise curl for WEEKS!

Wondering how long does an eyelash perm last? It can be a whopping 8 weeks!

Get more details on lash lift longevity here:  How Long Does a Lash Lift Last?

Ace Eye Lash Curling at The Lash Lounge

If you’re dreaming of having beautifully curled lashes without the lift of a finger, leave the lash magic to us!

Sure, there are DIY options out there, but trust us when we tell that if you want a safe, effortless lash perm (and one that lasts for weeks on end 🙌) going the professional route is a NO brainer! And instead of fussing with it yourself, you can relax in our beautiful spa-like environment while we customize your curl. 💜